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Saturday, May 09, 2009

honey, I've shrunk my scrapping!

lol. so I hated the movie, but loved its title.
there is something wrong with me. Even though the original title of this blog was 'Lindsey's Little Scrapbook Blog' and all the links were 'My Little this' and My Little that', I always scrapped big. Big photos, big shapes, huge monograms (one of my all-time favorite scrapbook trends!) - if it was big, it was on my plate.

Now? I'm craving little.
Little. Tiny. Small. Minuscule. Isty bitsy teeny weeny.
My last two layouts, although the photos haven't really shrunk (I still like my staple 5"x7") I've used tiny titles. Remember Making Memories Alphababies? I still have them stashed and pulled out some sunny yellows for some spring layouts.
(Hey, AC? Can you make me some Thickers tinies? Please?)

Anyhow. I happened upon Lucy Chesna's new website (My Sketch World, blog gone site) and designed a fun little spring layout (with off colors) with her current contest sketch and, again, used a small title.

Luckily, small letters leave room for EXTRA LONG titles (still big!). Maybe next time...