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Sunday, June 29, 2008

started, finished...

How much fun! I started this with a sketch from ScrapStreet's Birthday SNS and finished it with a Nook challenge - it just makes me smile.

I'm also bringing this to AMM - super wonderful hugs to Michelle & her daughter. I hope there are many, many, many more happy and healing days to come!
Layout details:
Pocketful of Sunshine by Lindsey Krauss.
Paper: SEI
Flowers: AC Plastic
Brads, Metal letters: MM
Glitter: Crayola
Metal Clips: ?
Chipboard letters: Scenic Route, Basic Grey
Pen: SharpiesSketch: Jenn Hennegen

Monday, June 23, 2008

for Dad

I'm so excited about my next projects. I uploaded from Dad's cam and found a bunch of pics of him in uniform, next to his plane, pics flying over land and water... The journaling and design notes are very special...
Proud Pilot by Lindsey Krauss.
Paper: CherryArte, Scenic Route
Cardstock: Bazzill, other
Sticker letters: Paper Loft Flip Flops, Basic Grey, Scenic Route
Chipboard: Heidi Swapp, American Crafts
Pens: Sharpie
Flowers: Prima, other
Brad: Making Memories
Ink: ColorBox
Other: Photo corners
Sketch: future Mix-n-Match!
Dear Dad, You're the most humble person I know, yet I can imagine how proud you are of your job. Forty plus years of flying and you know what?

I am, too.
Love you, "Zoid"
Design Note:
When I recently uploaded some pictures off of my Dad's camera, I found a whole bunch of really neat pictures he took, apparently from a trip he flew to Los Cabos. Now, my Dad is the last person to draw attention to himself, so pictures like these are few and far between. As far as design, I really wanted to keep it simple; while planning, I kept thinking in my head, "What would DAD like on it? How would DAD chose? What will DAD think?" So I chose as I thought he would: simple, clean cut design with lines and simple patterns. I chose the colors of his airline, and I'm really hoping he doesn't mind that I replaced the eagle on the the emblem with a flower (sorry, Dad - it's just for scrapbooking purposes, I promise!!)

7 Super Pages

"Super" Superman-sized Crop at ScrapStreet this weekend! Missed it? You can still go check out the challenges for fun!
So I set aside chatting this weekend and got 7 pages done! That's more paper than I've scrapped in a month!
Wanna see? 2 will be in my Cosmo Cricket post, 2 I'll blog in a post of their own for Dad, and here are the other three:

Little Lady & her Elmo
("L Word" challenge)
My Girl
(Super Sketch challenge)
3-2-1 Blast Off
(Superman's Colors challenge)

Monday, June 16, 2008

New Header!

You like? It's still with ScrapStreet's Digital Design Team's Vintage Hawaiian kit - that background is one of my paper designs!

Lemme explain the new title... I think I've finally found my identity in scrapbooking. That question, that dreaded 'What's your style?' question has arisen so much lately, and I never really know how to answer.
I think I can.
Whatever I do, choose and use is always so practical! Here's where this idea came from. The Scrap Off at My Scrapbook Nook called for a project about 7 days in June. I actually chose 14 days because there were a few more exciting things happening in the week after. I immediately thought ''calendar'' and went to work. Now, my description was "desktop calendar gone awry" because that's usually what my life is like. :) There were such creative and positively off-the-wall entries by others for this challenge; but not mine. Mine was practical. Funky and silly, but practical. See?

And that's how it began.

I realized soon after that almost all of my choices are practical. I choose to use an arrow to actually point to something important. I choose colors because they are practical to the photo's subject. I choose bling because it's a page about shiny stuff. Or stuff that should be shiny, I guess. You know all those 'office supply' challenges around the last coupla years? Well, on my layouts, paper clips clip, staples staple, saftey pins pin and anything that looks like a ruler is usually one a page about something being measured.

I'm practical.

Maybe that's why, 10 years ago, I collected every shaped eyelet and pretty themed die cut. Boy, am I glad that phase is over for me. I can still use them, ya know... but you better believe that that one last leftover frog brad is going to be on my next pond layout. With frogs in the photo. Practically.
I thought I could.

Friday, June 13, 2008

I so *heart* Cosmo Cricket

You know I have to try! COSMO CRICKET has been my favorite line since I first used it last year! I have one layout already in the CC inspiration gallery and will continue stalking CC products forever!

Contact me @ LindseyK75@gmail.com --- thanks for looking!

Hello Sunshine

"1 Sunflower"
"A Word With Big Bird"

Halfway Cafe
"The Linds You See"

"Play Big"

Dutch Girl

"Not Me"
"Up to No Good Girl"
"Dreamers & Stars"

"Dream, Family, Love"

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

daaa dum da dum!

8 years today, and about this time! I still remember how not happy my bridesmaids were that we were up and going at 4am... when, just a year or two earlier, we were staying UP that late! It was a great day for us, everything was just about perfect. Just as hot as it has been this year, too! 93 that day and the petals were melting of the guys... Happy Anniversary, Doug, Love you!

And another HUGE congrats to my friend, Jenn, who had Baby Marissa yesterday! big smooches to you, Marissa & the boys!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

P-P & Sesame!

Hooray! McKenna, while in the bath, told me she had to go pp on the potty! and SHE DID! We've been toying with potty training, staying very laid back about it as to not stress either of us out (hey, worked for Matthew!) She said, she did - regular toilet, not even with her little insert, books, or anything! She got her fav treat for doing so - a mini marshmallow - and is so proud, that she tried to go all night long... while wearing a diaper, she'd go, then tell me she had to go... oh well, it's a start, right? Not bad for a few weeks shy of 2 years 3 months!

Oh, tomorrow, you'll have to leave me a message bc we're going to Sesame Place! We've got the season passes and we've only used them at Sea World so far, so it's high time! We're skipping school and heading out (Daddy, too!) in the morning. Wish us luck getting some fun in before the storms hit!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Look! Ya know one of those new sites I've been visiting? Here are their stats!

Average registrations per day: 11.27
Average posts per day: 259.47
Average topics per day: 22.33

And a little tiny fun honorable toot, too!
Just was one of those fun sketches I found and subb'd...
Here is my entry for this sketch, which I loved and will definately use again! I hope digi is ok to submit; my printer broke in the middle of printing for this very challenge. :( However, this digital looks just like a paper layout I'd love to create! Thanks for the consideration & hosting & to the sponsors.

Fish Tanked by Lindsey Krauss. Supplies: Digital Kit: Relax by Michelle "Spink" Boeckermann for ScrapStreet.com; Fonts: 2Peas, Fat; Digital Editing Program: Adobe PhotoShop CS2; Other: fish lure, googled and taken from
http://bo.uxcell.com; Sketch: Anam Stubbington.

Journaling: 4.24.08--Bronx Zoo--Matthew loves the fish tank display.It feels like you're swimming right with the fish!

Design Notes: What a versatile sketch! At first I had a difficult time choosing between the many subjects I found for this sketch. I chose these zoo fishtank photos mainly because of the center photograph. I love the way the main photo is almost cut in half - half land, half water - perfect for the design of this sketch. I had exactly three more fishy pictures to adorn the page, easily made into squares. After choosing and cropping all the pictures, it was just then about layering the color-similar "Relax" papers and creating titles and texts. Oh! - and then finding a lure for the page, too!