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Monday, June 16, 2008

New Header!

You like? It's still with ScrapStreet's Digital Design Team's Vintage Hawaiian kit - that background is one of my paper designs!

Lemme explain the new title... I think I've finally found my identity in scrapbooking. That question, that dreaded 'What's your style?' question has arisen so much lately, and I never really know how to answer.
I think I can.
Whatever I do, choose and use is always so practical! Here's where this idea came from. The Scrap Off at My Scrapbook Nook called for a project about 7 days in June. I actually chose 14 days because there were a few more exciting things happening in the week after. I immediately thought ''calendar'' and went to work. Now, my description was "desktop calendar gone awry" because that's usually what my life is like. :) There were such creative and positively off-the-wall entries by others for this challenge; but not mine. Mine was practical. Funky and silly, but practical. See?

And that's how it began.

I realized soon after that almost all of my choices are practical. I choose to use an arrow to actually point to something important. I choose colors because they are practical to the photo's subject. I choose bling because it's a page about shiny stuff. Or stuff that should be shiny, I guess. You know all those 'office supply' challenges around the last coupla years? Well, on my layouts, paper clips clip, staples staple, saftey pins pin and anything that looks like a ruler is usually one a page about something being measured.

I'm practical.

Maybe that's why, 10 years ago, I collected every shaped eyelet and pretty themed die cut. Boy, am I glad that phase is over for me. I can still use them, ya know... but you better believe that that one last leftover frog brad is going to be on my next pond layout. With frogs in the photo. Practically.
I thought I could.


Zarah said...

You are too cute!! Practical is a GOOD thing! :D

Petra said...

i so understand what you say. thaat is why I have to force myself too use flowers. they are beutiful but often not practical to the LO
Be happy you have found your stile most of us are still looking!/Pysselpetra

angie said...

Ooooh loving the look here.
That background is soooo pretty.
And nothing wrong with being practical in my book :o)

Ann Hedvig said...

Love the look of your blog, and your new header!!

When you write like you do, I find it kind of sounding like me, hmmm got to think about that *lol*

Have a great day!


Nita said...

Oh I love the news on here;-)
and practical IS a GOOD thing like Zarah said... its great you came to insight;-)

Christa said...

Looks great Linds!!

Stacey Michaud said...

Love your new header! Too funny about your style--practical is great! Wonder if you'll scrap EVEN more now that you know "who" you are!

Nicole said...

I love it!! your blog looks great with all the swirls! very attractive!

Scoobie said...

Hi Linsey,

TFS all your beautiful work, and your great page. Love the design on both the blog and the work. EWhen I first spotted "The Linds You See" at the Nook, I thought WOW, who is this? Now I now a little bit more.

Army Brat~Now, Army Mom! said...

Terrific new look Linds! You are rocking the digi girl!

Jackie - aka funhockeymom25 said...

LOVE the new header! It's a gorgeous background too! Very impressive!
I am so glad you explained the "practical scrapper". I am the same way and always struggle with it. I see pages with items just placed on it and I can never bring myself to scrap that way. Your pages are also gorgeous! Keep doin' what you're doin'!

Melanie said...

I love that layout Linds and I think Im the practical one too, I use colours that are in the photo and will turn it B&W if I can't match it.

Lately I am forcing myself to stop this and to go with the flow more.

Lovethe new header.