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About my Blog

In 2012,

I decided to actually start using my blog regularly. It's surely not a longing to be famous, but (a) it's the closest thing to a journal I have and maybe someone will enjoy it along the way and (2) I have so much going on in my head, sometimes I just need a venue to write it all down and get it all out of there! So here's the plan:

* Musical Mondays ~ music moves me, all kinds. I'll share my favs, new and old.

* Tuesdays I usually spend in prayer. Unplugged. MOPs in the morning, friends in the afternoon. No blog these days.
*You may see a Tuesday Special every now and then. Just a little extra web space for all those little extras.

* Wacky Wednesdays ~ anything goes. Sometimes I just have random thoughts that I write down on a post-it note that gets lost or recycled. Never know what you're going to get on Wednesdays. Could be profound, but probably not. :)
* Weigh-in Wednesdays ~ turns out I have something to blog about on Wednesdays. Nothing like a little health scare to change your life. Change it now before it becomes a big scare. Watch me battle weight loss and work on healthier living. 

* Creative Thursdays ~ my only scrapbooking resolution is one layout per week. Hoping to post these on Thursdays.

* Photo Fridays. I am not a photographer. I do like to take pictures. I'll share these on PHridays.
Lindsey Loves Photography

* Saturdays ~ family days. No blog these days.

* Sundays ~ I have several albums of index cards, post-its and double-spaced notebook lined paper of favorite scripture, where I heard it and how or why it moved me. Sunday seemed like a good day to share these, old and new.

So welcome to Lindsey's Scraps {of the book and of life}. Enjoy my journey. Glad to have ya.


In 2013,

welcome I'm slightly obsessed with houndstooth right now. So from now on until... well... till I want to stop, there will be a bit of houndstooth on every layout I design. Remember that year I named all of my layouts like FRIENDS names their episodes? "The One With..." I thought I'd have a little design fun this time. Feel free to comment if you find the houndstooth!