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Friday, November 13, 2009

Scrapbook Trends' GENEROSITY

I'm cookin' up a little something in my head to jump start my scrapbooks again, but for now, visit this!

Scrapbook Trends Blog - Scrapbooking from the Inside Out

Scrapbooking from the Inside Out has launched their November kit Generosity, perfect for this time of year. This kit is so graceful and stylish – full of rich, deep color and elegant design, with coins, copper accents, shimmery self-adhesive mosaic tiles, and pretty Prima.

This month they’ll help you explore how you give of your time and money, inspiring a generous spirit in yourself and your family, positive self care vs. selfishness, and the big and small gestures that create connection in your life.

Here are two GENEROSITY-themed LOs from SFTIO’s DT Coordinator, Nancy Doren, that were created using the kit:
Scrapbook Trends Blog - Scrapbooking from the Inside Out

Scrapbooking from the Inside Out’s industry-exclusive content will help you explore your inner world with a music playlist, journaling prompts, moving photos, inspiring quotes, and meaningful monthly challenges.

Friday, October 09, 2009

making a comeback...

or at the very least, just trying to come back at all! I looked today and my last paper page I completed was in August! After some disappointment in the scrap world, life took over and we finally sold our house. This year has picked up in great Godly amounts since last year's problems. For that, we're truly thankful. When it seemed we were finally moving, I packed boxes after boxes after boxes out of that scrap room - some to keep, some to donate, some to recycle. I kept a small amount in our temporary residence and it looks so fine and pretty, I'm kinda getting antsy to touch some of it. :) I'm going to find a good sketch (that always jump starts my blocks) and see what comes of it. Maybe this month I can do more than just talk and write about scrapbooking. Maybe I can actually put some paper where my mouth is! More to come...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I really needed the good news.

It's been one very long year of mostly downs, as most of y'all know. But today I woke up to am email to none other than Karen Russel, herself! It seems I won a spot in one of her photography classes just by doing Cards for Heroes at ScrapStreet! To say I'm excited is saying the least, but I'm silly and nervous, too! Hoping this is the start of a GREAT year...

Saturday, August 08, 2009

reward yourself

Since I'm treating myself to some long overdue paper/photo/supply time today, I wanted to let you know I'm creating cards this weekend. Why?

It's the 2nd annual card drive, a collaborative effort between ScrapStreet and Cards for Heroes (CardsforHeroes.org). Come have some fun, be rewarded by service, and get some cards done in the meantime.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

I'm not a celebrity, but I'm getting out of here!

...and I need H*E*L*P!!!

Here's the deal. I need to downsize from full-on scraproom to a very small space - very small indeed - like small as a scrap TABLETOP for the next not-sure-how-many months.

To all my sisters in scrap, help me pack! What should I bring, what should I keep, how should I organize? What do I pack? How do I pack it? I've got a good, clean, safe and dry place for it to go, just not sure what to do before it gets there.

There is no contest. No lottery. No drawing. No prize. Just one sis asking for some serious packing and moving scrap help. Drawing on any favors there might be out there! Favors and experiences!

Please leave your comments giving me any and all packing tips! tabletop tips! tools to take tips! Whateva you got!

Help? Please?

Saturday, May 09, 2009

honey, I've shrunk my scrapping!

lol. so I hated the movie, but loved its title.
there is something wrong with me. Even though the original title of this blog was 'Lindsey's Little Scrapbook Blog' and all the links were 'My Little this' and My Little that', I always scrapped big. Big photos, big shapes, huge monograms (one of my all-time favorite scrapbook trends!) - if it was big, it was on my plate.

Now? I'm craving little.
Little. Tiny. Small. Minuscule. Isty bitsy teeny weeny.
My last two layouts, although the photos haven't really shrunk (I still like my staple 5"x7") I've used tiny titles. Remember Making Memories Alphababies? I still have them stashed and pulled out some sunny yellows for some spring layouts.
(Hey, AC? Can you make me some Thickers tinies? Please?)

Anyhow. I happened upon Lucy Chesna's new website (My Sketch World, blog gone site) and designed a fun little spring layout (with off colors) with her current contest sketch and, again, used a small title.

Luckily, small letters leave room for EXTRA LONG titles (still big!). Maybe next time...

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

T-Bitz Giveaway!

Cool giveaway on the TWIDDLEYBITZ DT blog!

Check it out! One person will win a whole box of goodies (and you DON't want to miss the chance at these goodies!!!) and ten (yes, 10!) runners up will win one product each!

Go to the Twiddleybitz DT blog for your chance to win!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

I'm out.

Whoops! Was so excited about just having an idea for the week's STAR contest challenge, that I didn't read the directions. :( However - it did get me to complete a layout, and layout that I really love!

Listen, there is still a bunch of great work, so get over there and VOTE!

Hey, I've put the Sexy Soccer Mom thing on the bench for a while. Now I'm officially a T-Ball Team Mom! Will eventually bring orange slices (coach's wife duty?); but today, in windy, 40 degree, rainy weather, it would have been better to bring blankets and hot chocolate! However, Matthew did complete his first 3-inning game and man, was it a lot of laughs!

Thursday, April 09, 2009


Since the scrapping table has been pretty abandoned lately, I guess I'll have to share some of my favorite unedited photographs as of late.
Here is McKenna and her Poppa playing out one Spring day - this is the photograph I'm working on right now, couldn't resist!

Here is McKenna with her Uncle Brad. I swear Matthew was with us all along, but with his cousin visiting from Atlanta, they kind of keep themselves busy off doing secret boy stuff. :)

Here are my parents, my brother's entire family and our family.

Just us. :)
We had all gathered last weekend for the renewal of my parent's 40th anniversary vow renewal. They requested jeans and pizza and that's what they got!
You may kiss the bride - again!
Who put blue on the cake?
Our family's new obsession: Guitar Hero World Tour. It's generally me on guitar or bass, Doug on drums and the kids on the other guitar or mic. Totally fun noise.
And here's our adorable little pup. And her latest trick.
Just a fun little lettuce muncher!

So that's what we've been up to lately! ScrapStreet's in the middle of its STAR contest - been punching holes for almost a week now! TTT is still busting out some of the best kits around, it's so hard to choose just one (next reveal in 6 days!) Twiddleybitz has a new dt challenge blog, in case you've missed it. We just finished up with the first contest, look for the winner soon!
As for me, it's family and spring. That means the end of competition season and lots of outside time. While it's raining, I've managed to find the bottom of the piles on the scrap table and am hoping to actually use the table again, soon. My husband's back at work tonight after an injury since January; so while I'm missing him, I'm hoping to turn it into creative time. Look for the STAR contest vote soon!

Friday, March 06, 2009

lots to do, lots to do...

But first things first! Next week holds all of the following: McKenna's 3rd birthday, Friday the 13th and just as fun, TTT's next cyber crop! March Madness is in the air and it's sure to be a fun time. For an added incentive, I'm RAK'ing one poster that posts the blinkie on their blog or other website and links it back to the board. It could be you! Then check back in the 13th-15th to come have some super fun with us cropping in style!
Blinkie credits: All scrapbooking elements from First Day of Spring by Gingerscraps (ScrapStreet.com March freebie), Basketballs from Google.com (origin unknown), Font: 2Peas.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

March Mag

This March Mag is a whirlwind, to say the least! Folks, I'm not even though it all the way, yet and I found a fav. Gotta love everything about this one by Tonya Dirk. Everything! I love the colors, I love the arrangement, I love the photo and darnit, I love that she found a very clever way to use all those Kiaser pearls at once!! Take a looksee... love it!
Even I've gotten to scrap a little, thanks to ScrapStreet.com's MAFIA contest - oh what fun! We started at 3, exploded to a mafia of 8 or 9 and will soon see if we are the winning mafia or not!
Speaking of contests, ScrapStreet's STAR starts this month! Not sure if I'll play or just be a cheerleader, but for sure I can't wait to see what challenges are up sleeves. :)

Monday, February 16, 2009

i forget to blog

till someone reminds me I have one.

My resolutions are actually going well, although my scrapping time has diminished tremendously. Changing that this week with all the pages I have to do! Ooops - maybe I should say that my resolutions are going well except for the one about scrapping more for myself. It's only Feb. I can change that.


I guess I can officially tell you that I've made the manufacturer design team for the Aussie Twiddleybitz! Twiddleybitz has some super cute chipboard -n- stuff - definately worth a look!
K, off to get some scrappy stuff done. If only I could survive cold and flu season in only my scraproom!

Friday, January 16, 2009


Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Happy Birthday! lol - I'm not even gonna catch up. If you know me, you've been playing with me on Facebook. :)

Just getting back to scrappy, y'all. Not a fan of New Year's resolutions, but since I just finished my first page of 2009 *gasp* yes - 16 days it took me! - I'm making a few. That and the gal I interviewed for Feb's Discovery Drive. THAT's my style. I have it in me. THAT's what I wanna do. and THAT's what I just finished.

So here ARE my resolutions:

I resolve to:
1. USE my supplies.
2. EMBRACE the torn, dirty, random, distressed. on every page, I tell ya.
3. USE my own handwriting. See, usually I scan in my unjournaled layout, add journaling via font for online use, and then journal on the actual paper page using the fonted online journaling as a guide. Anal, I know. No more. You're gonna meet me and my handwriting, whether you like it or not. :)

Let's see how I've done on my first page; this page is for the mag, so I can't show ya yet.
1. supplies: check! (even buttons, which I never remember to use.)
2. torn, dirty, random, distressed? check! (torn, glimmer-misted, random, inked.)
3. my own handwriting? check, I'm on it.

I'm embracing shabby chic. I can do it.
By the way, stand by. I think I have some cool manufacturer news coming up... I can't say much now, but I'll keep ya posted! <3 ya. Facebook me.