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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

I'm not a celebrity, but I'm getting out of here!

...and I need H*E*L*P!!!

Here's the deal. I need to downsize from full-on scraproom to a very small space - very small indeed - like small as a scrap TABLETOP for the next not-sure-how-many months.

To all my sisters in scrap, help me pack! What should I bring, what should I keep, how should I organize? What do I pack? How do I pack it? I've got a good, clean, safe and dry place for it to go, just not sure what to do before it gets there.

There is no contest. No lottery. No drawing. No prize. Just one sis asking for some serious packing and moving scrap help. Drawing on any favors there might be out there! Favors and experiences!

Please leave your comments giving me any and all packing tips! tabletop tips! tools to take tips! Whateva you got!

Help? Please?

1 comment:

Ambearluv said...

How long do you have to pack? I would say that you should take a long hard look at what you have used to actually scrap with in the last mongth. Any specific tools, embellies you are favoring. Put all those in one pile, to move with you. Then take anything you have not used in at least 2-3 months and put those in the pack pile. Good luck with the papers and stuff. No ideas there... but it might help to focus on moving specific lines, and packing the older stuff. It will be completely fresh and exciting again once you finally unpack it. Good luck