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Just for fun, I wanted to keep a list of the changes this blog has gone through. Just like me, my blog and my personality is ever changing, swept away by whatever life brings.

Lindseys Scraps {of the book and of life).
April, 2006
I didn't really know what I was doing, didn't have a hook. So I encompassed a large body of info to share. My key word was "little" - like me. Almost all of the first 5 months of my posts had "little" in the title.

The Midnight Scrapper
November, 2006
I soon figured out that my most profitable scrapbooking time was after my husband left for work. I would start after he walked out the door at 10pm and I would stay up all hours. How easy life was with just one little baby!

The Practical Scrapper

June, 2008
Next, I realized what a literal and practical scrapper I was (still am). I couldn't use butterflies on a layout without outside photos. I couldn't use wings on a page without pictures on that subject. No sand without beach, no green without grass, no clouds without... well, you get the point.

Better When Choreographed
October, 2010
Finally, I'm discovering that I am a leader, but not a boss. I need to be choreographed (never did like improv). The Bible, first and foremost, guides who I am. Who He is is who I should try to be. When I played piano, I was best when practiced and in concert.I love theatre, that's a given. In gymnastics, everything I did was choreographed; even my back-up plans were, at least, planned. I cling to lesson plans when I teach. I use schedules with the kids. Not to say I'm not spontaneous, but I'm better when choreographed.