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Monday, December 20, 2010

XOXO to you...


Hey! The new True XOXO Lipstick Chicks' blog layouts-to-lift are up under November's winners! This one is sponsored by CSD. Lots of fun stuff to look at, to lift. New girlies on next month so stayed tuned...

Here is the layout I did - way different for me.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

imaginisce, imagine that!

I saw this sketch while browsing the blogs of a few of ScrapStreet's newest staff and just had to try. It was so much fun - and, not surprisingly, quite literal after being turned upside-down (quite like my life usually is...) I used the MLShoebox line I received as a prize and polished off some late summer pics of hubby & the kids. It's fun and bright and is one of my favs of the year, I think.

My take - I saw this sketch printed and laying upside down on my table and that's when I put green hills in where the banners should be (and exactly where my journaling landed - look closely!). I couldn't bring myself to banner anyway, it's one trend I'm hoping to steer clear of. :) I like your banners, I just don't want to do mine!
Paper: My Little Shoebox
Sticky stitches: ColorBok
Pen: Sharpie
Other: Felt rickrack, pop adhesive

So I guess the sketch (for me) should look a little more like this:

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Wecome December!

Unfortunately, it's 60 degree and raining - if you know me, you know I WANT MY SNOW!! Soon enough, I'm sure.

I love the business of December. All focused around the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Can't think of a better way to spend a month. or a year. or eternity!

So I'm just sitting down to write up my December calendar and I get to start with the announcement of the new staff at ScrapStreet! Check out this link for the official announcement!

I received my goodies from My Little Shoebox - the entire GREEN collection! They must have known how I loathe double-sided papers because they sent me two of every paper! It's a bit summery for a rainy December day, but I don't think that'll stop me from digging in...

I have no closing! Can't think of a way to say goodbye ... so ... gosh, I better get to work so I have some actual scrapbooking to show ya. I'll be back!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Magistical Memories

Back a long, long time ago (like 2 weeks), I actually had the chance to create a page for myself (before I realized that all these deadlines were upon me). I used a Magistical Memories sketch and was inspired. Although I normally seem to reach for the Mag Mem chipboard first, today it was some Twiddleybitz leaves that fell on the autumn floor. Simple, fresh, and yes, I stamped - willingly, with no one forcing me or otherwise tying my shoes together. I can't believe I had these Inque Boutique and had never used them. (See what unpacking into a new house has done to me?) That and the reallllly old Junkitz that I saved (aw man, do I miss that company...)

Finally a page, I'm really happy with - you may know by now my favorite season to scrap is autumn and I love anything with circles on it. :) Anyway, back to work before my editors realize I was having fun. ;)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My Little Shoebox

I temporarily interrupt this design team call to woot!
I won @ the My Little Shoebox blog!
So exciting. :)

So... which MLS line would you choose?

Monday, November 15, 2010


You know, for XOXO.

I'm honored. I wasn't sure what it would do to my normally-low self esteem if I wasn't lifted on my first time out. However, not only was I lifted, but I think I like this layout better than my own, and I think I'm fixin' to lift my lifter! =)

Take a look at
Tracee Provis (aka Fluffy)'s lift layout TRUST! It is so sweet! I just love the colors she chose. (Actually, they've been my chosen colors for Christmas this season. More on that in the December issue of ScrapStreet...)



Friday, November 12, 2010

ScrapStreet Magazine Staff call!

ScrapStreet is looking for digital, hybrid, paper and magazine writers, too!

Okay, so the first call is actually for the new partnership GingerScrapsStreet magazine ... 
(info for ScrapStreet Magazine is below, also in this post).

Some super exciting news happening over at ScrapStreet. Read all about it, the staff call and new magazine submission calls here!

Or, here is the info:
We are thrilled to announce a new partnership between ScrapStreet.com Magazine and GingerScraps.net.  As we roll into the new year--and our SIXTH as a magazine--we have joined forces to create a new digital and hybrid ezine called GingerScrapsStreet Magazine!

Some of you may recognize Ginger's name from her many years with us as a ScrapStreet digital designer.  Others will know her name and those of her talented Gingerbread Ladies from their amazing work in the digital scrapping world.  We could not have wished for a better partnership!

As of today, we are closing our own digital store and moving everything to GingerScraps.  You can see my LemonLove Creations available starting today.  Katey will be moving soon with a brand new designing name and a fabulous new look.  Keep an eye out for her announcement soon!
Would you like to be a part of our new venture?  We are now accepting applications for staff AND we have brand new submission calls!  Here is all of the info you need.

Do you have a passion for all things digital or hybrid? Do you love sharing new ideas and hot trends with your fellow scrappers? Are you interested in increasing your online presence reaching thousands of subscribers each month?If you are selected for our new digital team with GingerScraps, you will write a monthly article which will include selecting and requesting the work of designers, combining the work into an interesting article, and meeting your deadline. You will receive products from GingerScraps and other industry designers as a thank you for sharing your talents. It is an excellent opportunity to increase your visibility in the scrapping community while having fun. 

To Apply:
Send the following to digistaff@scrapstreet.com
1. contact information
2. a short statement of why you are interested in joining us.
3. a link to your blog.
4. a link to your gallery.

Would you love to see your art featured in GingerScrapsStreet Magazine? Check out our current calls:

January Calls:
Each month we will choose one layout to grace our cover and that designer will receive a wonderful package of goodies as our thanks. All layouts submitted for our article calls are eligible. Good Luck!

Hybrid: Are you a hybrid scrapper? Submit your layouts that use any hybrid technique and tell us what you love about this style of scrapbooking!

Digital Designers: Would you like to be our featured designer for an upcoming month? A kit made by you will be the central point of our magazine and we will show off you and your work to all of our subscribers!

Resolutions: Do you have one big one or whole list of changes to make? Resolve to scrap them and share the layout with us!

Fonts: Are you an addict? Do you love to mix and match and create with typography? Show us your layouts that are in tip top type shape.

Girls Night Out: Show us anything and everything that says Girlfriend time to you. What do you do when you can ditch the menfolk and head out? Coffee? Cocktails? Creativity? We would love to see.

Confetti: Nothing says party like a handful of confetti! January starts off with a party. Toss some confetti on a layout and send it our way.

Organization: January marks the sale of organizers as everyone insists that this will be the year that they perfect the todo list. We want to see your layouts using any and all office supplies. Bonus points if you scrap in a nice todo list or calendar.

Color me WHITE: In the month that tops the snowfall across the country, many of us look outside to see white day after day. How can you make WHITE sing on your pages. Show us your creative uses of white!

Deadline is midnight November 29th ... for all calls.
Please send your work to gsscalls@scrapstreet.com.
Please send a separate email for each submission you would like to be considered for publication. Please keep the image size around 600 x 600 pixels. Thank you!

Are you ready to be a part of this fabulous new magazine?  We cannot wait to see everything you have to offer!

The 2nd call is for one of the best teams you'll ever work on! 

Here's the link to that call!! Or, here is the info:

Call Title: ScrapStreet.com EZine Team Call
Ending Date: November 29, 2010
Note: ScrapStreet.com EZine is looking for fun and creative designers who
love to scrapbook to add to our team. Layout, card, and altered artists
are all encouraged to apply.
The Job:
Our team publishes a monthly EZine with thousands of subscribers and a 5
year history. We love finding and showcasing talented scrappers and
beautiful products. If you are selected for our team, you will write a
monthly article which will include selecting and requesting the work of
designers, combining the work into an interesting article, and meeting your
You will also receive products at least 6 times a year from a variety of
manufacturers and will scrap several items to showcase their lines. It is
an excellent opportunity to increase your visibility in the scrapping
community while having fun.
To Apply:
Send the following to staff@scrapstreet.com
contact information
a short statement of why you are interested in joining us.
3 of your favorite creations showcasing your style.
a link to your blog.
a link to your gallery.
End date: November 29, 2010
Link www.scrapstreet.com

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Need a Lift?

Okay, I'm brand new at this - but I think I've got it.
See, I'm creating for this blog's dt - I create, you lift. It's called truexoxogirls (it's rated G, I promise!) What you do is go through the layouts, lift and link and you're entered to win a fabulous prize.
See last month's winners and then layouts to lift here:
So go lift, me or someone else on the blog (there are lots to choose from).

And the prize? Check this out: A huge kit from Scrap Attack!

Scrap Attack Scrapbooking is an online scrapbooking store & community. They have a wonderful store that is stocked with beautiful scrapbook supplies all at 10% off MSRP everyday – {no} coupon needed! They pride themselves on having a great selection of scrapbook supplies with competitive prices, fast shipping and outstanding customer service. Scrap Attack Scrapbooking, otherwise known as SAS, also “rewards” you for shopping with them. For every dollar you spend you are rewarded with points that can be cashed in on your next shopping visit. They also have a fun and friendly online community, creative gallery & monthly challenges. To join in the fun please visit their site atwww.ScrapAttackScrapbooking.com.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Creative Peace

Aaah, bliss.

My scrap room is in complete disarray. My fingers are marked with blue ink. I didn't get enough sleep.

But what is that feeling? Ahhh, it's my creative soul at peace.

When I started my pages last night, my husband came home and came in to say hello. I told him I didn't even think I could do this anymore - to scrapbook successfully, that is. Too much stuff and not enough inspiration.

What was borne from that is a simple two-pager. It's not ground-breaking. It's not state-of-the-art. It's not even all that current. But when my four-year-old picked up the pages to take a look (okay, downright pushed me out of the way of photographing them!), it made my heart beat a little warmer.

After all, that's what counts, right?

If you're coming here from the ScrapStreet blog, hello, welcome! Here are the pages that used my shadowboxing technique and calmed my creative being. =) If you're here visiting me, visit the ScrapStreet blog to read more about how I framed my photo and treated my corners.

Thanks for visiting. Enjoy. I did!

Tuesday, October 05, 2010



  [kawr-ee-uh-graf, -grahf, kohr-]  Show IPA
–verb (used with object)
to provide the choreography for: to choreograph a musicalcomedy.
to manage, maneuver, or direct: The author is a genius atchoreographing a large cast of characters.
(thank you dictionary.com)

A discovery. Not another reinvention of myself (laughing out loud). But a discovery (realization, comprehension, awareness, cognizance, consciousness, grasp, recognition, understanding, thank you thesaurus.com).

That's who I am. I love to be choreographed.

See, there was this article in September's ScrapStreet titled "My Style". But I think I was pouty from the beginning because we had to define ourselves with stamps and stamps are literally the last supply I use. Doesn't matter how super cute stamps are (and those digital stamps by Phindy's Place were super cute!) they just don't agree with me. And I don't like the way I sounded when typing, nor did I love my projects. Chip-on-my-shoulder scrapbooking, if you will.

Now, I don't mind the page I wrote. I even had opportunity to read it a month or so after I wrote it and I still didn't mind the article. My favorite part is in the design notes of the second project that says: "I found this project much like myself: imperfect, challenging, and sometimes better on the second try."

I've had very little scrapping time lately, but very much time to really think about myself, my life, where I am and where I'm going. As the kids get older and define me less, I guess I'm in a state of rediscovery. I'm not sure what started my train of thought, but it went something like this:

In music, I played piano, but I had to be extremely practiced and was only a concert pianist. I couldn't play from mere chords. I needed pages and notes and lots and lots of practice time. I still sing the same way.

When acting on stage, I have to work very, very hard at memorizing my script (and still usually forgot plenty). Forget improvisation - it wasn't for me and I usually made an ass out of myself. I needed to be first scripted and then extra rehearsed.

In gymnastics, I didn't get good at covering mistakes until I was late in college. As the sport went, I did better when I was choreographed, practiced and in control. In control enough to go out on autopilot or, as we liked to call it "Going Brainless". Perhaps that's why my best event became floor, where I could perform but only when extremely disciplined.

My favorite way to be led is by the Bible. (= Certainly don't mind following there!

Seeing where I'm going here?

Well, heck then, doesn't that explain a lot when it comes to scrapbooking? My favorite layouts come from sketches. See the similarity? The basic groundwork is laid and then I get to elaborate. The only things I like better than scrapping from sketches are scraplifts - using others' pages as inspiration. I've tried not to make this habit, I've only done less than a handful; but the pages that result are, by far, my favorite pages. Again, it's because I got to turn something scripted into my own. 

I guess I originally had trouble with this realization because I remember growing up being told 'be a leader'. 'Be a leader'. 'Be a leader'. But I never was. I was always better on a team. It  wasn't until lately that I realized that I need to teach my kids not necessarily to be a leader, but to have a mind of your own. Make your own decisions. Follow what you think and know to be right. Not what the crowd is doing and certainly not what any ol' leader is doing. 

Wait? What does that have to do with being better off as choreographed? Oh yeah, back on track. I constantly feel bad about not being innovative. About not being unique. About not having a style. About not being the first to do this. Or not being the one that thought up to do that. 

Choreographed. That is me. Practiced. That is me. Scripted. That is me. Sketched. That, too, is me. 

You're about to see my blog title changed. I'm still me, just morphing and getting to know myself better. And finally coming to terms and being happy with the fact that I live and create better...

when choreographed.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

If you give a mom a mop...

(inspired by Laura Numeroff, written by me)

If you give a mom a mop,
she'll want to wash the kitchen floor with it.
But before she can wash the floor,
she'll have to put the basket of shoes away first.
After she puts everyone's shoes away in the garage,
she'll want to clean up the outside toys.
After skillfully tossing the last bike helmet into the bin,
she'll return the empty shoe basket inside to the laundry room.
When she gets to the laundry room,
she'll see a few loads of laundry that needs to be folded.
When she brings them to the living room to fold,
she realizes there's a little dusting to do.
While admiring the dust in the living room,
she'll realize that she really doesn't like the layout of the furniture.
In order to redecorate the room she has to unwire and rewire the tv, cable, dvd and Wii.
So she decides to rotate the rest of the furniture forty-five degrees
which, in turn, uncovers a whole new layer of dust.
On her way to get the rag and dust spray,
she stumbles on the kitchen chairs that
were left in the dining room
(to be able to clean the floor).
She pushes past the kitchen chairs, grabs a glass of wine,
pushes the folded laundry aside,
and sits down with a little Food Network.

The next morning, while making the kids' lunches,
she'll see the mop & bucket...

Monday, August 09, 2010

I have a plan, really I do...

It's mid-summer here in gorgeous New York. VBS completed. Got a couple trips to the beach in. Went on our annual 2-week camping trip. Still have twenty-four lazy days left.

And as much as I don't want summer to end, I'm looking forward to a new beginning. And herein lies my plan. You see, Matthew gets back on the bus this year, for second grade and to his new school. He gets on super early, near eight o'clock (yes, that's early for me!) Now McKenna has school at about nine pretty close in town. Figuring I'll have both kids dressed, fed and packed up by eight o'clock, that leaves one whole hour.

Here's my plan.

As soon as Matthew's on the bus, I'll let McKenna have an activity of her choice. Either it's tv time, puzzles, my dsi or whatever. Some alone time for her. What I'd like to do is hop on the computer with a bowl of cereal and a hot cup of tea every morning and spend a good forty-five minutes with my ScrapStreet girls and this thing that's been long-called the "breakfast club". You see, even though I'm one of the first North Americans awake on ScrapStreet, I'm rarely there early. Ok, so lately, I'm rarely there at all.

But that's not it. If I can find a way to scrap without chatting (fat chance), I can also use this forty-five minutes in other ways in my scraproom during the week. Actually scrapbook, perhaps? Clean? Chat? Sketch? Whatever my scrappy heart desires.

The thing is...
It seems whenever I make a plan and say "definitely", it never happens. Ever.

However, I miss scrapbooking so. Just for the pure joy of recapturing memories and chatting with cyber-friends. Just for the feel of photo and paper. I mean, look! I designed one - yes, just ONE, scrapbook completely by and for myself this summer. And it was back in June. And I *love* it. I can do this. I need to do this.
Little Sunflower by Lindsey Krauss. 
Supplies: Paper: Basic Grey, Lily Bee Design, 
Tags, button: Basic Grey, Rhinestones: Recollections.

So, on school days, I'm putting off the toilet-cleaning and house-tidying and meal-planning till after the kids are gone and I'm taking some time for myself. And that's the way it's going to be.

And now, I'll take bets from y'all - who's betting with me (that I can make this work) and who's betting against? *sigh*

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Operation Write Home bloghop

You've finished the OWH blog hop!!! 
link up! for now, go back and visit Operation Write Home as your last blog stop!

Welcome to my blog! Read to the bottom for a sketch and a chance to win a package of Thickers!

I can tell you that I participated in Cards for Heroes last year and won a totally amazing photography workshop with Karen Russell. I'm in that now - and wow! - so much to learn! 

But it really wasn't about the prize for me. I'm not a card-maker by nature. However, a project like OWH just inspired me to create for someone else. I'm looking to top my number from last year - 22 - and to get them all sent out in a timely matter this time!

Blessings to you, fellow card makers and supportive scrapbookers. I'm glad to see you hopping, hope to see you creating for OWH, too!

I found these awesome tips on the
OWH website homepage:
  • *No glitter.

    Sparkly messes can make heroes visible at night - so please don't use glitter that flakes off the cards.
  • *Themes.

    General are best for flexibility! Thinking of you, birthday, love, miss you, holidays are also loved.
  • *Size.

    The best size that allows the most cards into a box is 4.25" x 5.5", fitting into standard A2 envelopes.
  • *Handmade.

    Handmade cards are loved by our heroes over storebought, so we only send crafted cards.
  • *AnyHero cards.
    Write a short note in one of the cards you send in and encourage a hero far from home!
I'd also like to offer an extra special thank you to all of our American families that have sacrificed for our freedom. I was in Army 'brat' myself, I lived the life for 12 years and I wouldn't have changed a thing. Blessings to my own Dad and thoughts to all of his fellow soldiers lost in fighting. 

This is a scan of something my Dad keeps framed in his house. This is a moment years ago - 1991 -  of my Dad rubbing of his best man's name at the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial (Rafael A. Chavez, 1947-1970). If you look in the middle of the photo, you'll see the reflection of American Flag flying high - what an amazing capture. The photo itself is stunning.

Leave me a comment, just to let me know you were here and so I can go out and visit you. It's all about community support, after all.

Yours in Faith,

Here is a quick card sketch to get you rolling. To win a brand new package of Thickers, 
1. Follow me!
2. Comment and I'll randomly choose a winner
3. If you post a link to a card using my sketch by midnight your time on Monday (eta: extended! I'll draw sometime next weekend, so get your sketch interpretations in by Friday, June 4th, midnight your time) I'll enter you twice! Happy Scrapping!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Still setting up house...

...and while I am, enjoy a quick post over on the ScrapStreet blog!


Saturday, May 01, 2010

ScrapStreet NSD blog hop challenge - calling all bookworms!

Next blog stop!! Next, please go visit my dear talented friend Bri: http://www.briannenevill.com/

Hey hoppers!! Enjoying yourselves? Well I did, while working with my last Top Shelf kit - I was a little afraid of it at first, robots and all, but I had a blast making some cute little bookmarks.

Now, assuming you're not e-booking these days, don't you need a bookmark, too? Your mission is to create two new bookmarks - one for you and one to give away to a friend - and then move on to the next blog!

Don't forget to link back your bookmarks here in my comments section. If you do, I also have 2 bookmarks to give to friends! My kids chose theirs and I'd love for you to take one home, too. Just leave a comment or a bookmark link!

eta: Just read that the ScrapStreet forum will be filled with challenges and prizes! Seems to be the place to be!! I'll be there in between the busy day's activities!

Happy National Scrapbooking Day - shouldn't every day be NSD?!

           <3 Linds

the business!!
ScrapStreet Blog:
ScrapStreet Challenge Forum:
ScrapStreet Gallery:
Next blog stop!! Go to my friend Bri:

Monday, April 12, 2010

Top Shelf Memories

Wait - you mean I forgot to tell you?

New design team! New kit club!

Yes! I'm designing and sketching on the premier team for Top Shelf Memories!

Find your Top Shelf Memories
on Facebook
on the web

And my first layouts are in!

this one is my sketch:
"a is for apple"

"blue-eyed beauty"

"the simple life"

"wild things"

"gift box"