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Thursday, September 30, 2010

If you give a mom a mop...

(inspired by Laura Numeroff, written by me)

If you give a mom a mop,
she'll want to wash the kitchen floor with it.
But before she can wash the floor,
she'll have to put the basket of shoes away first.
After she puts everyone's shoes away in the garage,
she'll want to clean up the outside toys.
After skillfully tossing the last bike helmet into the bin,
she'll return the empty shoe basket inside to the laundry room.
When she gets to the laundry room,
she'll see a few loads of laundry that needs to be folded.
When she brings them to the living room to fold,
she realizes there's a little dusting to do.
While admiring the dust in the living room,
she'll realize that she really doesn't like the layout of the furniture.
In order to redecorate the room she has to unwire and rewire the tv, cable, dvd and Wii.
So she decides to rotate the rest of the furniture forty-five degrees
which, in turn, uncovers a whole new layer of dust.
On her way to get the rag and dust spray,
she stumbles on the kitchen chairs that
were left in the dining room
(to be able to clean the floor).
She pushes past the kitchen chairs, grabs a glass of wine,
pushes the folded laundry aside,
and sits down with a little Food Network.

The next morning, while making the kids' lunches,
she'll see the mop & bucket...

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denean said...

Lindsey I LOVE this! Seriously!!!!
You are too funny girl!