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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Can you handle 12?!

12 days of croppin' that is!! at CreatingPages.biz!

Jennifer came up with a very ambitious crop - full fun for a full 12 days! We started last night and will be going on into December!! Come join us...here's schedule of events:

Friday (Nov 24)
online crop: 6-10 pm cst; challenges and games every hour!
Saturday (Nov 25)
online crop: 6-10 pm cst; challenges and games every hour!

Sunday - Thursday
more fun and challenges every day!
Friday (Dec 1)
online crop: 6-10 pm cst; challenges and games every hour!
Saturday (Dec 2)
online crop: 6-10 pm cst; challenges and games every hour!

Sunday - Tuesday
more fun and challenges every day!


Due to the success of the Runway Project... another surprise build-a-layout contest within the crop! For CP members only, there are 12 days of 12 challenges! The first three challenges will be up by the end of this weekend, & you can join anytime!

Friday, November 24, 2006

Happy to be Thankful

My autumn scrapbook, ladies first:

Just wanted to share...

I have so much to be thankful for.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

hair I am!!

Forgot to tell you what I did last week!!
I haven't done the page for it, yet...will I?



But you will see a new profile pic around town...

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Here I Am!!

It's been a weird couple of weeks. I've been doing digi all month, which is fine; but in reality, I've been so scared that I was losing the drive and the will to pick up paper - losing my love of scrapbooking. It wasn't even missing MoJo this time, and I have no problem inspiring others and chatter - it was the drive for the actual art. Especially seeing all these incredibly talented women who are closing down their blogs, saying goodbye to scrapbooking - our inspirations seemed to be dwindling lately.

However, I picked up ScrapStreet's November 'Stillwater' Kit and did a layout both for a Cyber Crop at TTT and at my good ol' Yahoo group. I like it and I am so relieved that I still have the ability to create a page I like.

My only other goal today, while Matthew is away, is to get my paper project for the Runway Project at CP started. The girls have been so wonderful thinking up creative ways to interpret our daily challenges - I've got miles on the catwalk to catch up! See the gallery!

Anyway. I think I'm back. And it feel so good.

Wanna see it? Here's McKenna!

Friday, November 10, 2006

ScrapBooked My Walls!

LOL...even Doug was supportive of this!

Just a few thumbtacks, binder clips, a plastic hammer (apparently now Matthew thinks I'm as cool as Handy Manny :) ) The ONLY good thing about the fact that the downstairs is the only place we haven't renovated is ugly paneled walls that I don't mind sticking lots of holes into!

10 Nov...

and I haven't done a paper layout yet in November! I've been so busy digitally this month, that I haven't even LOOKED at paper supplies... I'm NOT turning digi...I'm NOT turning digi...I'm NOT... well, maybe I am, a little, and that's okay! Good things will come of it, you'll see soon. ;)

This month's banner up there I made with ScrapStreet's November kit called Embrace - made by Spink and Dora...isn't it delicious?!

So I've been up to submitting for the magazine, practicing digital at the road trip at the Streets, getting dt stuff done for CP - really cute kit comin' up! - and putting on the Runway Project with the girls at Creating Pages. That's really turned out quite cute~

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


in Christmas, please!

Remember his sacrificies for us?
I'm thinking typing all of 'Christ' is the smallest payback I can think of.