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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wednesdays Weigh-in - August update

Might as well jump right back in. All I can do is tell you where I am today. As of today, I'm about 3-4 pounds up from the 15 pound weight-loss. I'm pretty happy with that considering I got through the end of school, VBS and vacation and am still under that one huge milestone at the end of it. What that means is basically that I've figure out how to maintain. I will be able to have sweets and desserts and the carbs I so craved while well-regimented once I hit a target weight.

I'm still thinking I'm 20 pounds away from where I want to be, but I'm well aware I'm stuck in the Tomorrow Syndrome. (I'll start back tomorrow!) Tomorrow never actually comes, it just turns into today. So I'm just waiting for willpower to kick back in and have no plans for an actual start date.

Maybe I never wrapped up the bloodwork and heart monitor. I had the bloodwork done 6 weeks after I went to the doctor. They didn't order new cholesterol numbers so I pretty much had four full days of temper tantrums. I was so looking forward to those 6-week results. However, the liver enzymes came way down, I mean, WAY down and my doc is well pleased.

The monitor came off a month later with only two small episodes. No big crazy ones that drove me to the doctor in the first place, go figure. All I have to show for that funness is a $1,300 bill that insurance won't cover. Even the heart monitor company sent a personal letter to me stating how they think it's unfair. Who knew that after carefully choosing a primary doctor, a cardiologist, a lab, and a hospital, that a heart monitor company could be in- or out-of-network? We've appealed twice, but it doesn't look good. The hospital advocate is supposed to be on it, but I haven't heard from her in over a week. And no, we don't have $1,300 over our budget in the bank...

"If you wait for perfect conditions, you will never get anything done." - Ecclesiastes 11:4 NLT
(Second hand paraphrase)

Yeah, I know.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Musical Mondays ~

Hey! Happy summer, everyone! I know I have a lot to catch up on, and I promise I will do so over the next few weeks; but for now, it's good to be home and enjoying summer!

Wanted to clue you into a song that has struck me hard the past few months - got me thru end of school, June planning and July SummerQuest VBS. It's a song that plays and makes me want to just turn it up LOUD, take a knee, and block the rest of the world out. As the matter of fact, I have done just that!

Enjoy: How He Loves (Us) sung by David Crowder