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Friday, October 09, 2009

making a comeback...

or at the very least, just trying to come back at all! I looked today and my last paper page I completed was in August! After some disappointment in the scrap world, life took over and we finally sold our house. This year has picked up in great Godly amounts since last year's problems. For that, we're truly thankful. When it seemed we were finally moving, I packed boxes after boxes after boxes out of that scrap room - some to keep, some to donate, some to recycle. I kept a small amount in our temporary residence and it looks so fine and pretty, I'm kinda getting antsy to touch some of it. :) I'm going to find a good sketch (that always jump starts my blocks) and see what comes of it. Maybe this month I can do more than just talk and write about scrapbooking. Maybe I can actually put some paper where my mouth is! More to come...

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