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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

P-P & Sesame!

Hooray! McKenna, while in the bath, told me she had to go pp on the potty! and SHE DID! We've been toying with potty training, staying very laid back about it as to not stress either of us out (hey, worked for Matthew!) She said, she did - regular toilet, not even with her little insert, books, or anything! She got her fav treat for doing so - a mini marshmallow - and is so proud, that she tried to go all night long... while wearing a diaper, she'd go, then tell me she had to go... oh well, it's a start, right? Not bad for a few weeks shy of 2 years 3 months!

Oh, tomorrow, you'll have to leave me a message bc we're going to Sesame Place! We've got the season passes and we've only used them at Sea World so far, so it's high time! We're skipping school and heading out (Daddy, too!) in the morning. Wish us luck getting some fun in before the storms hit!

1 comment:

Tana said...

Great job potty training at 2 years old. And Sesame Place? Someone has lucky kids. Have fun!