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Sunday, December 09, 2007

another wall comes down.

You may or may not know that I have a 'wall of layouts' downstairs. I get to post 12 of them up on large clips and thumbtacks for all to see. When 12 are hung, and the next one scrapped, I take down the wall. I always take a picture of the wall, intending to blog it, but never get to. Instead of blogging the wall, I made a Slide instead. Enjoy!
Under each is the title and the site I designed the page for: ScrapStreet (SS), Transparent Touches (TTT), Scrapper's Anonymous (SA), or From Here 2 Scrapternity (FH2S).


Scrappygirl said...

Lindsey, what a wonderful way to display your layouts. Love the slide show. I may have to try making one of those!

Tobey Shepherd said...

Love the slide show Linds, great photos of Makenna! I love the Christmas song you picked for your slide show too.....

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