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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

uh oh

Some local friends found out I have blog.

Now, I'm not denying the fact that I am not a very good blogger, so let's start there. Most of the time I just don't feel like I have anything important to say, especially when reading blogs of others who blog for real reasons or with real talent. However, I like pointing out pretty things, so that I will do.

Originally this blog was named 'The Midnight Scrapper' as I would stay up scrapbooking all night when Matthew was super young and Doug worked midnights. After that, I stayed with the 'Lindsey's Scraps', of life and the book. Just to give me an out to talk about anything I wanted. Wasn't there another title after that? The title 'Choreographed' you can read about here.

I think it's easier to blog for strangers, maybe I wouldn't have to worry about face-to-face criticism (although I doubt any of my real friends would criticize me unnecessarily anyway). My mantra about scrapbooking is do it only if I'm having fun. I was unnecessarily and meanly criticized once when I first started scrapbooking and showing online. It was right there and then that I decided I would scrap for myself and only for fun and that I would learn to appreciate ALL scrapbookers and scrapbooking. Was it worth it otherwise?

That must be why I stick to small and welcoming online scrapbooking sites and design teams. hmmm. Interesting.

But I think all readers need to know something about me:

I am a master of nothing.

You know that saying, jack of all trades, master of none? That should be my tattoo. But, listen. I'm so okay with that. I've realized now that the journey God's taken me on is happening for a reason. A very special reason. I'm gathering that sometimes it is better to be well-rounded in many things so that you're well-equipped for certain jobs (for example, working with kids, *wink, *wink).

So, not to belittle myself, but in an effort for readers to get to know me better, I'm going to have a little fun "rating" myself. Feel free to talk to me about anything I'm about to mention. It's like a star-rating. One * is not so good, 5 ***** is really, really good (or, however you word that).


Working with kids: **** -- by far my greatest talent. I'm not at 5 because I think as a teacher you will always have to learn. You have to be willing to accept the fact that you don't know everything and have to constantly look for guidance and wisdom.

Singing: *** -- (5 if you ask my mom). lol. I have a pretty voice, but I have to be so practiced and rehearsed that I just can't hack it on-the-fly. I would love to have an ear to figure out harmonies and not to have to read and learn them as written. I'm working on that. In my car. (-;

Taking pictures: *** -- but I have so much to learn. I think I have a pretty good eye. and yes, Erin, I *LOVE* my details. Ever since I was engaged and especially after I had Matthew. Just have to learn the camera better. Working on that!

Gymnastics: *** -- (formerly). Now I'm only 3*** if I'm on a trampoline. My oh my has gravity and age set in. However, in my mind, I'm a 5*****! I can still do all my skills in my head, and better than I ever did them in person!

Cooking: *** I'm going with 3 on this one. I love recipes. I love doing my own thing. However, there is more risk of things not going my way since the move to the electric stove/oven. Grrr. However, I'm a whiz on the grill and on my old gas stove. Hungry?

Scrapbooking: **1/2 -- I don't know. Sometimes my pages are phenomenal, sometimes they bomb. As long as I have my Dad around to brag around about me, I'll stay at 2**. (=

Dancing: **1/2 -- here's the thing. I was a power-gymnast but had grace in my hands. When I got on stage, I learned how to fake it really, really well.

Driving: **1/2 -- I drive too fast sometimes. I've gotten better since moving to the country country, but still have my moments. I'm safe. Just fast.

Piano: * -- I used to easily be a 4****, playing key contemporary duets with my teachers and crazy Rachmaninoff solo pieces, but now? I only have part of one Scott Joplin song left. )= Oh, and Twinkle/ABC.

Cleaning: * -- I just can't stick to a schedule.

Phone skills: 1/2 -- I'm terrible at it. However, Facebook skills are near-reaching 5*****. *wink

Ballet 0 -- I only made it 3 weeks.

Flute 0 -- I only made it 6 weeks. or was it vice versa?

Hmmmm... I'm sure there is more. There may be a second post about this. It was kind of fun, getting to know myself on paper.

So howdy, friends, near and far. I'll be talking to ya soon. <3 xoxo


Khristen said...

Love this post, it's nice to read the "real." Don't we all feel this way? I think even the people that I think have the most amazing pages might not feel the same way about their own stuff. We all second-guess at times, it's deciding not to care what anyone thinks that allows you to take new chances. It took me a while to "not care" but here I am! As long as I am making myself/my family happy, that's all that matters :) Thanks for sharing this.

skiingthroughlife said...

I love this post too! *details are your thing!

I am working on your header :) hugs

skiingthroughlife said...

I love this post too! *details are your thing!

I am working on your header :) hugs

magpiesoup said...

I really liked this post,"importantance" is all relative,everyone has something to say,here lies its importance.Yes there a millions of fancy blogs ,some incredably busy,pretty but they all began the same. I think we have to keep in mind that its not for commercial gain we blog but to share life experience and meet some pretty cool people along the way. Thanks for your post.