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Friday, October 21, 2011

Take a tour!

...of my brand-newly finished scraproom. (= This post has been a long-time coming. With the subtraction of the desk that came with the house and the addition of a large table desk and upright bookshelves, the room is complete ~ clean and organized, too!

Here we go!
((lots of pics here; bear with me if you're slow-loading))
Almost no one rings my doorbell, so please, just a quick knock, walk in the front door and turn left.
Go down the hallway, passed the coat closet and here is the view:

Now I'll take you from behind the door, on the left and clockwise around the room.

the rest of the left wall.

facing wall, left side:

facing wall, right side - workspace!

right wall,

my favorite storage find ~ bought @ Michael's, each with coupon:

inside wall; ahhh, the unexpected happy desk setup.

Today might have been one of the 100 most happiest days of my life; my husband called this, the "office", the scraproom. Can you believe it?! Well, he might have called it the *crap*room, but it was close enough!! lol!
Thanks for visiting! I'm hoping this room will inspire LOTS of craftiness to come... and maybe even a few unprompted blog posts!


misty said...

ha! Sounds like my husband! My room is nowhere close to this nice or organized. I still have cars decor in it because it was my sons old room and we just started piling my stuff in it without really redecorating. (the rest of my house had bits and pieces of scrap stuff everywhere, driving my hubby crazy!

Great room and so inviting!

WillieburgScrapper said...

Wow Lindsey- I'm totally impressed! If you came to my apartment I think you would run away screaming. I have the same amount of stuff but just one table so everything is everywhere- your space is BEAUTIFUL! I like the white walls- they make what your put up stand out.