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Monday, April 30, 2007

Cosmo Cricket...and me!!!

I'm in the gallery, yo! A good friend and I were picked from a team contest to be put on the Cosmo website!! I couldn't be more thrilled! The layout they chose is the one I did for the MM idol contest, and I submitted it again. I had another favorite, but I'm thrilled with the one they chose!!

Ok, go here and click me!! See?! I'm thrilled, of course, as it's become one of my most favorite companies!! See next door to me? Michelle Boeckermann - she's my friend, lol. How adorable is THAT layout?! Oh and yes, Michelle, Dora, another Michelle and Jenn and I altogether WON that contest!! It was so cool to participate as a team ... and then WIN!! I'll post my layouts for that contest... you like?!

...this one was a sketch project... I just love the photo, and there is a page two: with a snow pic of Matthew and the other half of that snowflake.

This one was about layering and using pink and yellow...Well, I needed to do this layout "showcasing" all of McKenna's "talents"...so it worked out well. :P

Blech...I loathe quote challenges, but I think this one turned out okay. ...and yes, they even got me to make a card!

This one...the last challenge. Ad insp. Not my favorite, but cute and colorful nonetheless, and still used stash as I promised myself a month or two ago. Eh~

This was a bonus challenge, I digi'd it. Had to make you laugh. Did I?

...and now for one of my new favorites... is it that I used so many (120 or so!) of those damn eyelets that I had to go out and buy new ones 8oO or that I finally used a flourish...used being a relative term, lol. ;) wink!!


Eminepala said...

Congrats LInds ;)

Beautiful layouts


Robynw said...

Oh Lindsey, Your work is just stunning! Congratulations!!

denean said...


Gina said...

Lovely!! Fun layout at Cosmo Cricket :)

Nicole said...

awesome work girl :)