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Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Ok, so nothing is completely sealed in stone, yet, but we are beginning the packing process. I can pack anything ...anything at all... until I hit the scraproom!! I need to weed, clean, donate, store, and reorganize, all the while, packing a few of the things I use everyday to bring to Mom's.

I need tips!! Please post some tips here for moving the scraproom. We'll be moving in with Mom and Dad for a few months and I'm not afraid to give/donate/trash stuff away. I have some stuff stored in the large Priority boxes (the ones that can hold 12"x12") to keep things in theme. What the heck do I do with those? I know I'll use my brand new Crop-in-Style to bring along my newer papers and kits... but I have no idea how I'll keep all my embellishments with me in a very small space. And what do I do with the rest? Please help! Any and all tips welcomed!

1 comment:

Nicole said...

Hey Linds, get yourself a few file folders and store your embellies in there OR cropper hopper boxes are wonderful!