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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Like games?

I do!! Playing 'Dine and Dash Game' at ScrapStreet! One starter and 8 courses - 9 pages and I haven't actually searched for a deadline yet... teehee!

No worries. Been cooking - no - scrapping up a storm! (It's about time and it feels great!)

Here are my 1st courses. eta more courses 2/3!

My starter {had to have COOK on it somewhere}:
My 1st course {sketch}:
My 3rd course {no paper!!}:

My 4th course {4: pics, words in title, elements & papers}:

My 5th course {use a post-it note}:

can't get my slide.coms to work lately... grr.

1 comment:

Spinkeeshy said...

I can see you have your game on girlfriend!! Cooking up a storm and bringing a cloud of smoke with ya!!

Your really giving us all a run for our CHA goodies!!

But i have to say.. Can't i just use a sharpie on one layout! you know to handy cap you in the contest. hehe

You would look so cute with a mustashe! HONEST! *LOVE YA*