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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Nothing exciting...so why post?

We've recently survived every sickness in the book - fevers, the asthma flare up, pink eye, bronchitis, strep AND the stomach flu. I wish they made spray antibiotics. Ya know, so you can just spray it after a cough or sneeze like air freshener.

Printer's back. Canon is AMAZING. my 610 Pixma broke. I'm pretty good at this stuff and even I couldn't find the problem. Apparently we didn't buy the warantee? Whaaa? So called Canon, couldn't troubleshoot, but they have a warantee program of their own. Replace mine for free with a factory refurbished. I know, I thought the same thing - made me a little nervous. My new printer is new. And works like a charm. Perhaps I can scrap tonight? If I can stay up passed 11, that is. Can someone PLEASE tell my kids that 6 am is simply not acceptable as a wake up time? Just trying to make it to the weekend. At least I won't have to adjust their schedules when the time changes.

March goal: Get the new camera fixed. Take more pictures.
I know I have a website check coming and it's time to fix the new camera. You know, the one that was a week old and I dropped it? Time to send it back. And then take pics till I wear it out. My pics lately are adorable, but (1) there aren't enough and (2) I'm just not inspired by them to scrap. Weird.

Went digi for the last week. Will update my albums so you can see. Happy Wednesday.


Jenn said...

hope you're all feeling better!

Lisa Peppers said...

Been missing you!! Hope to see you more at SS soon!!