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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Welcome, March.

Got a real eye-catcher here for my March Magazine's favorite pick. Love how really truly actually makes me dizzy!
Stop Spinning by Beckie Dreyer. March ScrapStreet Magazine, pg. 22 (Design Square).

I'm hoping March slows down a bit... our gymnastics season will be coming to an end, we can't possibly have any other sickness in this house because we had it ALL last week, ready for a bit of warmer weather, feelin' the need to get outside. Celebrating McKenna's 2nd in a few weeks, but wouldn't mind a low-key month. Please?

Notice some changes around the blog? Special thanks to Dora @ ScrapStreet and her plethora of blog tutorials... still working on it, but gosh, it already looks so pretty, right?!


Janneke Smit said...

Isn't it awesome?! One of my favs too this month :)

Lisa Peppers said...

This page is just TOOOOOOO cute!! Love it!

Beckie aka Bexter said...

I thought I'd popped by and left a comment! Just been blog surfing from scrapstreet! Thanks for your lovely comments :)