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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

33 random facts about me

...for my happy day, and I challenge you to do the same!
Off the top of my head, no rhyme or reason:
  1. my hair is my natural color.
  2. my eyes are blue.
  3. i am 5 foot, 3/4 of an inch; and yes, that 3/4 really matters.
  4. i wear flip flops and rarely anything else in warm weather.
  5. i wear skechers boots and rarely anything else in cool weather.
  6. i own at least 10 pairs of sneakers.
  7. that i wear to work & i'm usually color-coordinated.
  8. i wear contacts.
  9. and glasses when no one else can see me.
  10. i wear my husband's plumber shirts or softball t-shirts to bed.
  11. i use crest.
  12. and an oral-b rotating tooth brush thingy.
  13. i went to at least 9 schools from pre- to high school.
  14. i was born in alabama.
  15. some things should be kept secret.
  16. i love my ipod!
  17. this one should be a secret, too.
  18. i listen to literally all music. all.
  19. ok, last secret.
  20. i have to chew equally on both sides of my mouth.
  21. i have to eat anything colored, equally. watching me eat m&ms or skittles is a hoot.
  22. i love my job.
  23. Wall-E is my new favorite movie ever. (ok, ending with 10 scrapbooking facts:)
  24. i adore anything fancy pants and cosmo cricket.
  25. my flowers are in a huge bj's pretzel plastic jar. i outgrew my nicely altered formula can.
  26. my scraproom is in complete disarray. what? it's on the to-do list.
  27. i don't own any die-cut machine. at all. none.
  28. most of the time, you just see paper and photo on my pages. and usu an alpha.
  29. i use good ol' scotch double-sided. ya know, the yellow label.
  30. i avoid ribbon.
  31. i'm a very messy scrapbooker.
  32. i don't scrap chronological, but i pack them chronological (in my 3-rings).
  33. even tho i scrap practical, in real life, i'm anything but.


Tana said...

I love this. Wonderful info and you are funny too. You forgot to mention that one!

scrapbookmom3 said...

I love that you gave all that info.....I hear you on the double sided tape....I mostly use the DUCK version as it is even cheaper than scotch.....

Stacey Michaud said...

Love to hear all of that info about you! I love Wall-e too!

Tobey Shepherd said...

Love love love the list Linds!!! And the music on your playlist too!!