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Thursday, July 17, 2008

fun, fun, fun - sleep or crop?

Fun at Scrapbook Nook! Just in case you're in need of some more inspiration from the Nook, GO NOW! lol... I already have one in and want to do (1... 2... 3...) all the more!! Go have a looksee - you can play once or alllllllll weekend long, baby. :)

How about some sleep? Or lack thereof? Come on down to ScrapStreet for the (not-at-CHA-and-we're-trying-not-to-be-bitter) SNS SLEEPOVER!!


Gettin' Sketchy said...

Hey.. I waited but u never saw.. you won the last challenge.. email me you email and address info..


Zarah said...

You're SUCH a cutie patootie!! Thx for your super sweet words and for linking me - I appreciate it LOTS!!