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Thursday, October 23, 2008


I know I didn't say much except behind some closed doors, but Doug had knee surgery on Wednesday. After waiting around all day the simple arthrscopy stayed simple. Thank God. It appears that we have some answers after he rehabbed and p.t.'d after weeks and one pain just wasn't going away. The surgery was justified after all - doc saw torn cartilidge and repaired right then. He said other than a bruised ACL, Doug's knee is "beautiful", including the miniscus tear, which is now healed. Long day. Boring day. Simple day. Doug's feeling it today, I have him on round-the-clock meds, which he hates, but it's just imperative. Should be off crutches and mobile by Saturday.

Matthew's going to Georgia with my parents this weekend, so say prayers, k? It's the first time I've let him go longer than a sleepover, and certainly the first time on a plane without me. I know he travels well and he is just over the moon about seeing his cousin, his "favorite person in the whole wide world." What a guy!

We also have our first competition of the season on Saturday, something I feel completely unprepared for, but it's happening anyway. I'm guessing it'll be a rough meet, but one that will jump start us and give us feedback for the rest of the season.

That's it. Quick recap. Hoping no more major disasters before the New Year. I really need a New Year. =)


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