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Monday, February 22, 2010

Kaiser sneak peak!

It's a little busy around here. Besides working for 2 pregnant women and half the gymnastics team in Florida, last weekend we had 1 birthday party and another this weekend. Did ya know I've been working on kidney stones the last 3 weeks as well? If I don't see them by tomorrow, it's surgery on Wednesday. That's after a meeting with Matthew's teacher and after I take Mia to the vet in the morning, of course. (Won't it take my mind off of not eating that day? Surgery is a 2!!) That all happens just in time for the closing on our new house Thursday! This coming weekend, we're moving into the new house and have 2 more birthday parties at the same time. At least I will be home as I send my littlest ones upstate to their State competition with three other coaches. My husband is taking 4 weeks off, too - will be nice to set up house together!

Wow. Probably more information than you wanted to know, so I'll post some prettys to leave you with. :) Sneak peak of April ScrapStreet's Showroom!


Terry said...

OMG! Lindsey! Can you say "crazy?"

do you even know which way is up with that schedule!

Hang in there, GF!

denean said...

Woah. Breathe, and take baby steps.... you can do it! We are super mom's remember?? :)
And ENJOY KR's class... It seriously changed my photography world!!