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Monday, March 01, 2010

that's not funny

Well, to start, my month-plus long stint with the kidney stone is finally {almost} over. I had surgery last Wednesday and all went well, according to plan. I still don't know the exact term for what they did but basically, in Lindsey terms, they put me out, went internally and "blasted" the stone with a laser, I think. I wasn't passing it and ultrasound wasn't an option for young women, according to my doc. (Young women = :-D )

Soooo, I succumbed to surgery on what would have been one of the busiest day of the year, as we were in the middle of a week-long snow storm, had vet appointments, teacher's conferences and so much more in regular busy life. I'll have to show ya those pictures later. Pictures not taken by me, incidentally, as I haven't been able to enjoy one inch of these three feet of snow we got!! And if ya know me, you know how much I love snow.

So what I didn't know, post-op, is what a stent really is. I linked ya up with Wikipedia to spare you details. Kinda turns my stomach and I'm living with it! Anyhow, this stupid thing (and I've been waiting days and days and days to use the word stupid - all I can think about from stone to surgery to stent) is keeping me from sitting upright at all. Been laying around since Wednesday with no where to go. Pain and discomfort are decreasing, but I haven't gained the full ability to sit yet. And for some reason, I still get very tired after being on my feet for more than 15 minutes.

Alas, relief is on the way. All Ihave to do is hold out till Thursday when the thing is removed in office and I can't wait. Meanwhile, we had Chinese last night and look what word I learned to say in Chinese! Really, that wasn't nice. >:-(

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Dora said...

you can make it, Linds! It is almost Thursday. Sit tight. giggle.