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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

blank slate

Looks so sad. Feels so good.

How's this for finding mojo? Seriously. White has never inspired me like this. I'm sure you all think I'm crazy, but I can't wait to work in my new studio! I've always had a scrap space, just never a clean one. :) And I'm pretty sure it'll never be this clean ever again!

I'm imagining this entire wall as boxes and cubbies and shelves, neatly packed and organized. I can find anything. Everything is within a stretch and a reach. No mess, no fuss.

Well, it's a nice dream, isn't it?!

Alright, since my last box was moved off the counter top here, I'm ready to go find my tools an dive into my new Nikki Sivils. Next time you see me, I'll be happily among scrap clutter!


Janneke Smit said...

feels great, doesn't it? have fun with Nikki!

Dora said...

ahhh a fresh slate to organize--heaven.