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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Sorry, we're CLOSED!

But why be sorry? It's our new house!! Yay! Today is finally the day! After a three-year house-selling journey, a five-month "homeless" stint, and a bunch of closing delays (hello, Mother Nature and her three feet of snow?!), we finally have a house again!! We just can't wait to get in this house. It's all the space and security we've ever wanted. We call it our "forever" house - we had a starter house, moved away from the neighborhood, and figure we'll stay in this one until we retire upstate. The sellers are actually good friends of ours and to make the story more interesting, Doug's dad's name was on the original deed when he and the seller first bought it 17 years ago. How cool is that?!

Now, even though I can't physically be there for the handshake, I can't wait to see the actual evidence that we own our dream home! Plans are to let the seller close on his new place later this week, keep moving stuff in every day, be in by this weekend. Then... the restoration begins! Doug's already done the bonus room - eventually an adult room, but for now the kids' place. I can't wait to see how the few things we've bought so far make this house our home. Can't wait to show you the area rug we bought at Home Goods, of all places! in the fireplace room.

Kudos to dh for sending me some pics from the table. :) Sooooo excited, but all of the sudden, I'm a bit overwhelmed by all that's going to need to be done...

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