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Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Tuesday Special ~ go Google!

Here's how this happened:

1. I can't stop watching Catfish on MTV. I'm on the last posted episode. It's a documentary-style show where Nev & co. helps people in online relationships meet their suitors. It's a wild ride - you never know what's at the end of the show!

2. Nev uses Google images or pictures or something similar to search pictures. He plops and drops. So I just noticed on Google images the little camera icon in the search box. I started copying and pasting my profile pics' urls into the search to see what came up. (Remember that app where your pic can be matched up with a similar-looking celeb? That's what I was going for.) :) haha. A little Friday night fun, lol.

3. I searched one of the pics I use for scrapbooking and came up with this post - I just found out I won a contest from a month ago! Haha, fun! I wasn't sure about this layout, either, so this was a fun surprise.

4. At Paper Secrets!
Link to their post: http://www.papersecrets.net/2012/11/and-winner-is.html
Link to mine: http://lindseysscraps.blogspot.com/2012/11/tuesday-special-if-its-groovy.html

Thanks, Paper Secrets!

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