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Sunday, July 30, 2006

a little bit of BINGO, a little bit of ScrapStreet

Okay, so I know the BINGO thing has been out a while, but last night I finally did one of my own! I had a blast doing it! Over at ScrapStreet, Spink challenged me to do a page about scrapbooking BINGO-style. Well, it took me 6 hours and 15 minutes but here's the finished product: Besides the fact that I'm (winner by default, y'all) getting some really cool prizes for this ("SEI memory album and new line paper samples, alterable purse, ellison t-shirt, and anything else i can fit in the box!"), doing this page was a whole other experience; I can't remember the last time I a) scrapped ABOUT myself, b) scrapped FOR myself, and c) looked at all - and I do mean ALL - my old layouts! And ya know what? I learned that I've been scrapbooking AC/LF a whole year less than I thought!
BTW, I was also a Saturday Night Scrap guest hostess there at ScrapStreet last night and put up a sketch challenge and a challenge called Opposites Attract - this fulfilled the Opposites challenge (Large dots, small flowers; paper salon vs. SEI; bunch of flowers vs. line of flowers.) Every Saturday we're there playing around and working for blinkies, which is one of the unique characteristics of ScrapStreet - hope to see you there!
A little note about ScrapStreet: I am just loving this place! You've heard by now of the amazing e-zine, but have you really looked through all the streets? Did you know that have both digi and paper KITS? (one of which I won and one of which I ordered!) Have you visited the message board? It's a board where people are there JUST having fun. I'd imagine it's hell on dial-up users, but the blinkies are a big, fun part of the game. It's not all about competitive scrapbooking and who has the most toots and the most design teams and publishings. Although there are some incredibly talented people there, mostly, it's just FUN. Light. Full of inspiration and fun. The challenges are one of a kind (just experienced my first ROAD TRIP - guess the url (location), complete the challenges and move on!) I didn't get far, but I had fun doing what I did. I tell ya, that place makes scrapbooking, particularly online scrapbooking just plain fun - did you forget it's supposed to be fun?
(for whatever reason I can't add any more images, but I have pics of the prize and the blinkie for the night...why does blogger do this to me?)

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KJ said...

Isn't that annoying when blogger won't let you upload anymore pics for some ungawdly stupid blogger reason?! Anyway, that layout is so cool!