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Friday, July 28, 2006

surprised myself a little today...

When asked "What is your profession" among other questions at the forum at From Here to Scrapternity, this was my answer:

What is your current profession? First and foremost, I'm a SAHM. And I love it. I found out only after I had Matthew that this is what I was built to do. I worried so much in and after college about what career I was meant for, but all that was answered with my kids. I much prefer sitting on the floor with them than anything else in this world - yes, even scrapbooking. They temporarily relieve the world of greed, competition, temptation and the other complex issues of the world outside. (And whenever you haven't heard from me in a while, don't doubt that I'm near the computer, just that the little ones are much more important.) There are some times, mostly the evenings, when all I do is sit and just look at my kids. Matthew is a treasure and so full of energy and personality, that he's enough comedy and entertainment for an entire auditorium. McKenna and I seem to have conversations just with our eyes and after Matthew goes to bed, we just sit and look at each other, sometimes for hours. There just is nothing like it.

What else have you done recently? Well, I'm also a gymnastics coach to about 45 little competitors. It's an amazing job. I get wonderfully overpaid to do something I completely love with people and staff I completely love. I have to work very little (3-5 days a week for 3-4 hours) and I have co-workers who are very understanding that my family comes first. I also choreograph floor and beam routines for our gym, as well as publish the team website; I'm also currently working on webpages for each gymnast. I've also become somewhat the secretary for our team - but this is all on MY time and on MY paycheck! Did I mention that we were State Champions this year? In two levels and one individual all-around, as well as several event champions? Just a little gymnastics toot!

What is your dream job, or what have you been thinking about pursuing?I think I'm doing it. I really do! I came out of college and worked in a preschool daycare. I don't care for the daycare, necessarily, but I definately see preschool teacher in my future, after my kids are well into school themselves. We have a remarkable 9 month Masters program nearby that will provide me with all credentials to teach. I've always known that kids would be involved with my career. And that's exactly what I've been doing :)

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