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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

at the 99th hour...

and Toby is still with us. He's such a fighter, such a dog with a stong will and soul. He's up, if I dare say, a bit more today... still smiling and wagging when he has the strength. And sometimes when he doesn't. I'm scared to say I even think some of his color is coming back. He has now successfully surpassed the 72 hours they gave him. The emergency vet's heart and chance combined with our home vet's will and opportunity have kept him with us longer than we expected just days ago. I now find myself between the predicaments of uber-worry and a hint of hope. It hurts to hope, for I'm afraid losing him in hope would be harder than losing him in time of despair. Our next milestone will be keeping him close to us until 2:20 Thursday afternoon when our vet will tell us if this treatment is working. Lucky for him, we don't mind completely and totally spoiling him with love, hope, hugs and table scraps.

No less important, of course, Doug is wobbling around, finding new love in fantasy football and McKenna, our dear sweet McKenna's limping and pain seem to becoming fewer and futher between. We're still awaiting her blood test results and her peds ortho appt will be next week. Not to be outdone, Matthew starts Kindergarten and soccer tomorrow and has his own very quiet apprension. He's such a strong kid for us.

I cannot thank all of you, my friends and family and church prayer committee for your kind comments, wishes, virtual hugs, actual angelic offers and, most of all, prayer. We live and breath on prayer, and now, my family, Toby included, does, too. If ya wouldn't mind a few more days of it, would sure could use it.

Thanks again my friends. Please, if there is anything I can do for you...

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