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Monday, February 20, 2012

Musical Mondays ~ This is the Stuff

(As seen on Facebook, plus two I previously forgot:)

1. We leave early for open gym(nastics) to give Matthew a chance, he doesn't want to participate. 
2. I go to the Verizon store to hook up the replacement phone and get a text from one of Doug's friends. Verizon hooked my phone up with Doug's #.
3. Verizon says they need me on the phone to switch it back, but not on either one of our #s.
4. I go back to the gym for McKenna's class and now she doesn't want to participate.
5. So back to the Verizon store (you all can imagine how much I love traipsing around Newburgh) and they switch our numbers, but they can't hook Doug's back up. I bring him home a new sim card. 

6. Matthew dropped his iTouch in the yard of Milo's breeders so we had to turn around and go back to find it.
7. I get home and fine 3 pages of extra homework for Matthew. yay.
8. We're playing with Milo in the kitchen and he just hauls off and pees on the floor right in front of us. (?!)
9. Working on the replacement phone and
(a) most of my contacts' phone #s are gone.
(b) my replacement phone (lower half, keyboard) isn't working!
(c) my brand-new case broke.
You can tell I've been working on my temper bc so far I've held it together pretty well... and I'm thankful for what went WELL today! (Doug did all the laundry, kitchen is spotless, my car didn't break down lol, well behaved minis all day and very little bedtime resistance...)
*sigh. I wish I liked wine.

Good thing I'm taken care of.

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