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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

5 Little Things About Me & My Scrapbooking

1. daughter, sister, wife, mother, Godmother (in no particular order, just wanted to get all those out of the way.)
2. Christian
3. athletic state of mind
4. bit of a tomboy, but like dresses after 8 pm
5. (again, taking the easy way out:) short(5'1"), blond(-ish), blue(eyes), okay not quite 5'1" and I thrive on my sense of humor.

1. I have no style - it always changes
2. I'll try anything once, usually twice or three times
3. love my browns
4. love my patterned paper - prefer to burn cardstock
5. I print all my pics at home - ALL of them!


Bobbie said...

Great lists. I had to laugh about the cardstock. I find it hard to use patterned paper! LOL

Amy W. said...

very interesting Mrs. Linds! i think i learned a little more about you. sheesh, how long have we "known" each other now?!? ;>

Kimberly said...

First time I have read your blog! You are giving me inspiration for mine! THANKS LINDS!

Kimberly said...

AAAAAAAAAK! I am finding hard to leave a comment here...darn thingy! I guess it is an OE! Anyway, GREAT BLOG Linds and you always inspire me!