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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

A Little Annoyed...

So I just realized, upon visiting my own blog to copy the address, that when I changed templates, ALL of my side work is gone! I read the message saying that the information will be lost, but I didn't realize they were talking about all of the HTML I had worked on! I'm a little too tired to do it now, and I promised TTT 30 minutes of Yoga if McKenna lets me, but I'm on it. Soon.
BTW...Monica at TTT is apparently awesome! I emailed her with an idea for a transparency and she emailed me back within 20 minutes with it done!!! I guess there is also this wishlist challenge or contest; idk what it's really about, but I just worked on my wishlist today and went from 2 items to about $500 in 20 minutes!! LOL!

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