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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

A Little About WHY I Scrapbook

Good question. You know all of us scrapbookers say, "I've always scrapbooked, really"; and I'm one of them. I have memory books of things of mine from when I was three years old! One day, I'll get to scrapping those, because I do want those memories and the new ones my family is making now to be in a book, so that one day my grandchildren can look and read about us.
One of the most amazing moments in my life was the day my mother handed over all of my grandmother's scrapbooks because mom's just not a scrapbooker (she tried, but doesn't get the enjoyment that I do.) I sat on the floor of my scraproom for about 4 hours after Matthew went to bed, looking through her books, laughing, crying, in amazement. The only things missing were my grandmother, of course, and the description of what I was seeing.
THAT's why I scrapbook. Whether it be a moment, a day, an event, just a photo session of trying to capture that one good Christmas photo of a two-year-old in front of the Christmas tree, someone, some day, will enjoy reliving my memories; and they might just like the pretty pictures, too.

Create My Keepsake sent me here to blog today - if I haven't already, I'm adding them to my favorite little scrapbooking sites on my side links; I'm pretty new there, but it's a fun and inviting place to be. Check them out, come by, say hello: http://www.createmykeepsake.com/forum/index.php


CMK said...

Wow...I love this entry...and you are such a cutie! (not meant in a weird way..LOL) Love that pic of you. Thanks for mentioning us here on your blog!

amy said...

Wow well said girl!!! love you blog

amy said...

well said girl !!! love your blog

ashlee said...

great post lindsey! tfs:)

Bobbie said...


I truly hope that future generations will love our art as much as we enjoy creating it.

carrie*postma said...

awesome Lindsey! How cool that you have your Grandma's scrapbooks! That is pure inspiration.
(look at your cutie pic, too)