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Monday, May 26, 2008


So I never understood the phrase Happy Memorial Day, but I hope you all took a moment to remember. It's a day of tears and of pride for us. We had a great tribute at church, families affected by loss invited to stand. At that moment, my mom & dad's best man lost in Vietnam came into my prayers. They have a great tribute framed in their house... will post one day. I know Dad is more affected than he ever lets on, and he is in my prayers, too. Church tribute ended with a Staff Sergeant trumpeting a chilling taps. We did enjoy our local parade, from where this photo came. This is Matthew, excited for the start of the parade, reaching high at the sight of his Daddy's police department's car.

Upon driving back from the parade (and ice cream, near Daddy's post) we passed the services at the cemetary. Matthew asked about what they were doing. I tried to explain the best I could to a five year old that they were honoring the soldiers that died while fighting. He tells me, "Don't worry Momma, Jesus will bring them life."

Thought that was enough said. Happy Memorial Day.

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