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Monday, February 19, 2007

It's up...

That FOR SALE sign. Yup, it's up. Found the property, found the builder, now just gotta find the money! Hoping this goes quickly and quietly. Sad to leave the neighborhood where we'd thought we'd stay forever, but for our kids' sake, this will be a great move.
Here's to starting the process...


Colleen said...

That's really exciting Lindsey! I wish you all the best with selling your house and with the new one! An exciting adventure!

Cami said...

Boy, there for a min I thought McKenna was for sale! Rofl...of course, I'm just kidding ;)
wow! big move coming up for you all...Hope everything goes welll.
are you moving to the country? or is your neighbohood going down hill?

Amy W. said...

wow, we are getting ready to do this as well. good luck on both ends...selling and buying! ;>

btw, CONGRATS on MMidol top 50, woohoo!!! ;>

Shannon Schafer said...

Congrats & Good Luck!!! Hope it sells quickly!