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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

yes, MM idol again

and then I don't want to talk about it all weekend!
lol...new updates: MM idol blog

The Dow Wasn't The Only Thing that Took A Hit
Yesterday, the Dow Jones took a major hit, stalling the momentum it has enjoyed for so many months. In some ways, we feel their pain. We have worked through most of the unforeseen circumstances that have led to this extensive delay. We know how much work so many of you have poured into your projects and we are doing all we can to remedy the situation.

Please know we take these glitches very, very seriously and we desperately want to get these incredible designs in the public eye so they can be reviewed and rated by you, the voting audience. In the interest of making the competition as fair as possible, we have pulled the submissions from the site and are going to do everything in our power to get it live again.

Though you have taken your time to review and vote, we hope you'll be willing to come back again when we relaunch the contest, as we will be "starting from scratch" on the voting for this round. In order to keep on schedule, we are going to open this for voting again on Monday, March 5th at 9 AM, Mountain Standard Time.

We will send out another newsletter when we can open the voting once again and we'll make sure to leave it live for 48 hours to give everyone fair access. In the meantime, we thank you for the emails, blog postings, and chat room messages showing support (SelenaKimsey on TwoPeas ...Your Submission Reviews Rock!). This is a whole new process for us, created to manage traffic that was born from the first MM Idol. Like you, we truly want to make this right.
Thanks again for your patience. We appreciate all of you!
The Making Memories Team

So, because so many of you didn't have the ability to view my layout...here it is.
I'm quite proud, it was one of the most difficult pages I've ever had to do!
Thanks for the support, everyone @ ScrapStreet, CP, TTT, and the others who let me post about the vote. And, it goes without saying, thank you to family and friends and my darling lil Yahoo groups who helped out as well. *swak*


Amy W. said...

WOW Linds! This layout ROCKS, you totally have my vote. ;>

Colleen said...

Love your lo Lindsey!! Fabulous!