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Saturday, March 10, 2007

...SNS at ScrapStreet, of course! It is, of course, what brought me (and stuck me ) to ScrapStreet, ya know. If you've never been, you most definately don't know what you're missing. Let's see, do I start by telling you about the demented bingo game? how about the 10s of tons of challenges put up - which have other rewards as well... Scraplift? that's a chance to be in the mag. Street challenges? could win you a kit!
more? You'll just have to stop by and see!! This was 'S' week...so S is for Saturday - get scrappin'!

I finished my mm project, am uploading pics for it, and have just a few things left for Mckenna's 1st birthday party which is tomorrow, so I got to play just a bit. Alphabet bingo was a blast...and I won!! Think I'm going to digi up a SNS sketch layout and then call it a Saturday night!!

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