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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

mm idol ~ kid's project!

mm idol's project #2 - voting until Tuesday 5pm MST!
I've had many questions about my project, even with the geeky pictures I posted! Let me see if I can break it down and explain the processes - both the actual and the one in my head...
As soon as I saw this challenge, I freaked. A little. A lot. Nothing, and I mean nothing was coming to mind! I thought of asking the girls I worked with in the preschool, looking thru some preschool idea books... So I started thinking, and I knew I wanted something textile - something Matthew could feel and see and really get involved with. As my almost 1-year-old was sitting on the floor tearing up paper she got a hold of, it kind of hit me!!

birthday + mckenna + gift + tearing + paper = something altered!

And behold, the wooden stool idea was born. with mosaic style in mind.
Let's see...we started by buying the stool, papers and paint.
A few days later, Matthew and I sat down and got the whole darn thing done!

1. painted the entire stool. Messy, but so much fun! (my step: handcut some pp pieces.)
2. painter's taped the entire top. (my step: I drew the best oversized 'M' I could).
3. (my step: tearing the first pp strips) and then we tore into smaller pieces together.
4. We then picked out the letters in McKenna's name.
5. Mod Podge, baby! not sure which he enjoyed more: painting the MP or peeling it off later!
6. get to stickin'! Since the area was taped, it was just a matter of sticking lots of small pieces.
7. more mod podge 2nd layer of pp pieces.
8. (and on from here are all of my steps.) I then secured the flourish, added the ribbon and elements along the top and sides, and finished it off by decorating and inking.
(ya see where I was going here? with the whole preschooler arts and crafts thing here? lol)

When finished, I'll mod podge the entire stool and
I'll sparkle mod podge certain elements.

It's pretty gawdy for those that know me...gold glitter is something I've most definately never worked with on a scrapbooking project. However, those DCVW papers were just too perfect not to use!

DCVW patterned paper, chipboard elements and alphas
Crayola glitter glue
Archival ink
Apple Barrel paint
Mod Podge

adding in a closeup of Matthew's handy work:


melanie harris said...

I loved this when I seen it at MM Linds, thats so wonderful that you could sit down with Matthew and make something for McKenna.

Miranda said...

I really like the idea and the way it turned out. Great job!!
You got my vote!

Chris Millar said...

This was such a wonderful project for round 2. Fantastic work - best of luck with the rest of the comp!