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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Life is a Highway...

Holy Toledo. What a day. Just your normal average Tuesday turns into total chaos and bedlam, but the way I like it!

Here's the lowdown:

  • mm idol - top 30!! thank you everyone for voting for me: old friends, new friends...everyone. I'm so incredibly touched, but just as nervous thinking about my next challenge! You'd think, as a preschool teacher at heart, that doing a project with a kid would come easy...not so! It made me nervous, like I'm putting even more pressure on myself. Silly, I know, but fun!

  • ScrapForums - finished the Funk It Up challenge #2 late last night and it's in. I actually quite like it and it's pink and fun. :) And it might just be a little funky, too! plus, it made Doug cry, so it's all good. ~challenge #3? going from what 'I'm gonna do' to what 'I know for sure' - geesh! talk about fork in the road!

  • Scrap-Tastic - just barely got my idol contest entry in there, tonight. It was my first time working with an oversized picture - like the kind that takes up a whole half of a page. Teehee...whole half, get it? Anyway, it's cute and simple!

  • How about a game of layout tag and some March Madness at a group I used to frequent, lost during their design team hunt a few months ago (I always seem to disengage from dt times if I'm not trying out). Anyhoo...just finished one for Creative Crafts and Stickers and it's kind of a cutie, too.

  • more? you want more? Our hometown shoe store is going out of business. I mean, it's that place we've been going to since the day we moved into town almost 20 years ago. I've never been anywhere that long and certainly never shopped in the same store for that long. So Doug's parents took the kids there after we picked Matthew up from school and they both got shoes: Matthew got gray New Balance, and McKenna got her first pair of Stride Rite walkers. And then someone asked me if I had the camera. *sniff* No camera!! Can you believe that? Not for either the store's closing (which was today) or for McKenna. It's just so sad, ya know?

  • Did I mention that Doug has 10 days off? That McKenna's birthday party is this weekend and in exactly one week she'll celebrate her first birthday? Think I can make it a whole week without tears? Doubt it!

  • and the BIGGIE! No details yet, but we might be taking the For Sale sign off the house tomorrow. ;)

Now, back to getting some chatting done on the boards (GDT for TTT and I've barely gotten to spend any time there!!) And get this - I was asked to be on the digital team at ScrapStreet, and aside from changing a few sigs, I haven't told a soul. That's fine, though...I'm still a learner. :) Leaving you with one of my latest digis - one I've fallen in love with!!

Things to do:

  1. April nametags for ScrapStreet.
  2. challenge #3 for ScrapForums.
  3. mm idol entry.
  4. chat it up! I miss everyone so much!
  5. show CP's kit layouts.
  6. show ScrapStreet's kit layout.
  7. plan Disney for May!
  8. change this blogger banner & colors!
  9. finish watching Prison Break, dern it!



melanie harris said...

Congratulations on getting through to the second round of MM Idol. Thats great news sweetie.

Its also wonderful that you got on the digital DT for SS, Woohoo.

I can't believe McKenna is 1 already, where did that time go sweetie?

Talk soon.

Tobey Shepherd said...

Hey Linds, wow, what a day!! You have been busy!! I want to say congrats on your MM Idol top 30!! Can't wait to see your next round!! Your digi of McKenna is priceless!! (get it?) LOL!! Can it be that she is going to be a year??? You were just pregnant with her, and now a year old, yes I can imagine lots of tears....I think it has been a long year for you all, and to know you got her to her first birthday and she is doing really well, MARVELOUS!! I know I missed alot about what you were going through with her, but I can imagine that it wasn't easy...

Congrats on your Scrap Street digi team!! I have lurked over there once or twice and it seems like a cute site...

I keep trying to get over to TTT, but never seem to find the time...the board is so active I have a hard time keeping up with the posts....right now I am only on CP and one other site that is very small, there are about 10 of us that are active every day, but we have developed a nice little cohesive group...it's easy to keep up with them...

Hope that sign comes down....would be a fabulous end to the week!!

I am going to be busy the next couple days as well, tomorrow planning and grocery shopping for the weekend, then Thursday I am going to VT, will be an all day affair....then Friday the group comes in, and they are here until Monday...it will be a long week, I am looking forward to next Tuesday!!! LOL! John has next week off, so he will be home (which means I get even less done!! LOL!)

Oh well, more later...You don't have to publish this if you don't want, or you can just put up select parts....just wanted to catch up with you...I am going to miss you on the DT at CP...the new girls seem nice enough, but there are so few of us left from the early beginnings!!



Shelley said...

Congrats on MM Idol top 30 and digi designer at Scrap Street!

Miranda said...

Wow, that sounds like a crazy day. But all good things, I think!

Good for you you made it to the next round in MM Idol! Can't wait to see what your coming up with next!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the Top 30 and good luck on Monday. I can't wait to see how everyone interpreted the project challenge. Good luck.