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Monday, March 26, 2007

mm idol - GO PARTY!!

Time to vote...and this week's theme is PARTY!!

Y'all know that I act like a party girl, but rarely do. I'd rather be home with my kids and my scrapbooking and my famil-----hey, wait! I have an idea!! Easter's coming up, right? THAT'S my party!!

lol...that's kinda of train of thought last week. ya know, how I got to my party idea?

Basket popped into my head...and I just had to go for it! It's all paper and all my own original design, and best of all - it really works!!! The egg holder was just a cute side idea, but how could I not "alter" (decorate, for the non-scrappers) the plastic eggs? I almost went all-out with real eggs and egg blowing and dying, but I wanted them to last throughout Easter...that's right - all this stuff is really on my table, so pretty!

And yes *gasp* that IS a card!!! It's a rare occasion, friends... :)

So thanks for the support, I am so appreciative to each and every one of you who have supported me thus far. I need all the help I can get with this contest these days, so vote, spread the word...and I'll keep ya updated.

*mwah, friends!*


Cami said...

What cute projects! Good luck to you!

Miranda said...

It looks so cute again, Linds. You've got my vote.

Hope your on to the next round!!