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Monday, April 23, 2012

Creative Thursday ~ me @ 35

Well, I missed another Thursday, so I'm just posting as I just finished this page.
Soooo far out of my comfort zone: rainbows, all-about-me AND splatters! all inspired by The Nook...

Realized, after a convo at The Nook, that I haven't done tutorials - at all or in a very long while. So today I have two How-To's - or How I Do's! The first is adding a color overlay, the second is making a rainbow overlay. I hope to work on the page How-To over the next few days.

Color overlay 101

Step 1
Choose & edit your pic to black and white (either by a filter or by Image>Mode>Grayscale in PS CS2).

Step 2
Merge layers if applicable; Add a new layer on top of your photo (in PS CS2, Ctrl/Shirt/N).

Step 3
You may have to put your canvas back into RGB Color.

Step 4
Select a foreground color - start with a bright color, you can always adjust it later.

Step 5
Use your paint bucket tool to completely fill in the top empty layer.

Step 6
Adjust the Opacity to obtain your desired effect. I chose an opacity from 30% - 50%.

Step 7
Repeat steps 5 & 6 with different colors. You can create new layers (and turn lower layers invisible) or open new windows.

(flash forward ahead to creating steps 5 & 6 with all desired colors):

Step 8
To prepare a document to print, create a new window the size of your printer (mine doesn't print 1/4 in on all sides so I open a doc 8"x10.5").
Add in bottom layer and one of the colored layers. Merge color and photo layer.

It may look something like this:
 Last step
Print, cut and enjoy!

Rainbow Overlay 101

Step 1
(Please disregard the previous layers with other colors - they are turned 'off', or are invisible, as you can see, and have no baring on the following tutorial.)
Copy and paste original/black and white into a new layer.
Select the Gradient Tool (often close to your Paint Bucket Tool).

Step 2
Select the rainbow (or desired effect).

Step 3
"Draw" a diagonal line through photo - drawing in different directions and angles will effect the gradient in the next step.

You should see something similar to this:

Step 4
Just like in the Color Overlay tutorial, adjust the Opacity of the gradient layer.

...and voila! Rainbow You!


WillieburgScrapper said...

Hi there!!!! LOVE this page! It would have qualified for the neon challenge if you ask me. :) THANK YOPU for the PS tutorial- I can't believe I've been using that program for 10 years and still barely know how to do anything but retouching!
I really like the fussy cut flowers and the circle- those are really cool design elements!

Zarah said...

Suuuper cool LO - and you are SO pretty!

Bente Fagerberg said...

Gorgeous result!!
I am with WillieburgScrapper in thet I've had Photoshop for the longest time but it seemed so tricky the forst time that I felt I never really had the time to learn.(You know what they say; it gets more difficult as you get older, I hope that's not true...) This great tutorial is a nudge in the right direction, maybe this Summer..
It has been lovely getting to know you a little!!

pinkalishious said...

I love this tecnique i used it once before & i should again!! xx

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