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Monday, May 02, 2011

A blog a day in May ~ In the beginning

I think this is my last-ditch effort at a blog. I'm terrible at blogging and quite frankly, I'm tired of apologizing every time I do get to the blog. Honestly, with so much inspirationality (no, it's not a word, look it up) around me, I usually feel like I have nothing to contribute to the world of blogging. Hmmm, maybe I'll point you in those directions... So for each day in May I'll try to post something - anything - to see if this blog can be saved. Yes, I know it's May 2nd so you may say I'm a day late; I can say 'no I'm not!' because what you don't know is I wanted to do this in April so I'm actually a month and a day late. *big grin*

I'm not going to stick to blogging about scrapbooking because honestly, I don't think I even remember how to do that anymore. I still think of layouts to create as I snap pictures, but rarely are my hands in paper. This layout on my desk I started over 6 weeks ago. I've only completed eleven (yes 11) layouts so far this year - I kid you not - and no digitals. And I am totally and completely in love with exactly zero of them. They always do look better on paper than posted on the net; but still, I love them not. 

The other thing I'm working on is Project Scraproom Overhaul. I don't need to add much, I just need to complete the organizing I started when we moved in recently a year ago. the only thing I foresee buying is a few more Cropper Hopper vertical paper holders for some theme-y stuff (boy, girl, wedding, dog) on the floor. I've got a good start, but lately this room is a dumping spot. Right now I only use it once a week for Sunday school prep. Oh, and last month I glue-dotted an orange flower to a black headband for family fun night aka JUMP ZONE at Grace. I do want to use the room for scrapbooking again. If I can snap 124 pictures of my kids in 2 days, mostly having to do with dirt piles and building stuff, I certainly can find an hour or two to scrap some. I mean, look! Here I look more like a hoarder than a scrapbooker. Although I've heard, in some circles, those two are synonymous. (=

So... here we go. Bets on whether or not I'll follow through? Yeah, I'm with you.

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Amber said...

Ditto... Ditto...

... and that's 1, 2... 11 more layouts than I have created so far this year.