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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A blog a day in May ~ Jump!

about the girl
This is my McKenna. Girl after my own heart. Interested in the girly part of life just enough to get by (nails painted - but usually yellow, hair down "like a big girl" - because she doesn't want it burshed, lip gloss occasionally, sparkley shoes but only if they're sneakers and hardly ever a dress to be seen). Much more at interest are: dirt. fun. dirt. school. playing outside. dirt. watching a little Disney channel. dirt. soccer, t-ball, swimming for sure. then dirt. I was that kind of girl, too. I did wear dresses though. In the dirt.

about the photo
On the day I was blessed to serve and hear Tammy Trent at GraceOC's Women's Conference, ten yards of brown mulch was delivered to our driveway. After baseball, the kids and Doug spent all day passing out this mulch into the garden that spans the front of the house and through the driveway. Apparently, jumping and playing in it weren't optional. Apparently, shoes were. At this point, it was senseless to get mad over a pair of socks and it was much more conducive to grab the camera and play. After some in-the-pile shots, I got down as low as I could to add drama to her flight and height. I love everything about her - the hair, the arms, the pointed toes (yay!), the fearlessness. 

My girl. 

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