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Monday, May 16, 2011

A blog a day in May ~ Not Guilty

Hey! Sooooo... I missed a few days. But ya know what? For the first time in my life, there are no apologies, no exceptions asked, no guilt whatsoever. It's been fun blogging - more like journaling - to clear my head. And with a day or two missed, it feels fine. Especially since I heard there were blogger bugs this weekend anyway...
Hey ScrapStreet gals!
Hey True xoxo chicks!
Hey there Cocoa Daisies!
I know people are reading, even if they're not commenting. For some reason, though, a search must lead many, many people to a post I once titled "Live Your Life with Arms Wide Open" - guess many do a search about living that way. I can tell you how!
Anyhow, Friday was nuts with the whole family home. Saturday was crazy with a 9am T-ball game, 12pm birthday party, 2pm baseball game and 5:30 wedding. Sunday? Well, Sunday I did absolutely nothing. I actually sat on the sofa catching up on the dvr for about 70% of the day. It was wonderful. (=
Today, as you can tell from all the noise, my husband is working on the finished basement downstairs and I've been dilly dallying in my scraproom all day. Started a layout, hoping to finish. Will post tomorrow.
Aw, man. Got ear plugs?

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