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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A blog a day in May ~ purple + pink = ?

I think I have a problem. 
I love purple and pink.
Is that a problem?
I'm pretty sure I know from where it stems. I distinctly remember small arguments with my mom over color choices. Those were in the days of dressing in royal purple + bright yellow. Hot pink with teal trim + floral leggings + teal socks, headband. 
But of all the colors I wanted, she never let me have pink + purple.
So here we are decades later and my mom buys an outfit for my daughter: a purple shirt with pink flowers and purple leggings with pink trim to match.
But...? But...!
Now I collect. Can you collect for revenge?
My favorite sweatshirt I found upstate last summer - it's light pink with light purple writing on it. Just the other day I found a brighter purple sweatshirt with bright pink trim.
Yesterday, I was going through my scrapbook paper looking for teal, pink and yellow and I found at least 4 sheets of pink and purple patterned paper. 
Funny, right? 
I think a layout is on the horizon - there's even a crop challenge at Cocoa Daisy about what you're wearing now. Take a look!

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