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Monday, May 23, 2011

A blog a day in May ~ Hate?

Okay, I have to do it. I'm sorry, but if this is my journal, I have to write it down to get it off my shoulders.

**pulls over soap box, steps up**

Why hate? What good does it do?

I watched part of an afternoon talk show (which I so rarely ever do) and was kind of appalled. Now, the content was horrible. The situation worse. I understand this. However, Talk Show Host decided, instead of even fathoming forgiveness, to harbor the hatred. To fuel the fight of the haters. To provide details in accusation of the admitted felon, challenging with direct eye contact. The look in the hateful guests' eyes said it all. Decades later, there was no forgiveness, no healing. 

Yes, I understand how horrific it must have been. I understand that some people just aren't capable of forgiving, or so they think. (I can't empathize or appreciate, but I can understand.) But why should the hate be sensationalized? Is this what people want to watch? 

Disgusted, I came to a conclusion that I can live with. 

Hate doesn't heal. Hate won't ever heal. Hate only harbors hate. That hate may lay within a heart for a lifetime. Forgiveness, however difficult it may be, forgiveness opens doors to healing. So why waste time hating?

**shoves soap box back into the corner**

Thanks. TTYL.

But I say to you who hear: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you

Luke 6:27


Vanessa Marie said...

I concur...and couldn't have said it better:)♥

JJRod'z said...

very good view about hate. came timely to me... found your blog while browsing trying to get some idea. very new to blog world... keep it up...

Anne Pennington said...

Yeah, what you said, Lindsey. Seems to be a get even attitude out there. Not healthy at all.