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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wacky Wednesday ~ I'm a reality star

(...in my own head), that is.

I love to cook. I love to bake.
When cooking doesn't coincide with homework time, I am so on my own cooking show (in my head). Inner dialog leads my viewers in perfect sauteing, cook-top to oven techniques, delectable seasoning. I haven't thought of a title  yet, but I'm on it.

Oh and in my craft room!
When I am putting together a scrapbooking page, I am all about teaching to the masses (in my head). Yep. I have my scrapbooking show, too. I can DIY right along with Sandi. I'm not sure who's watching this show, but I have fun making it nonetheless.

I love to sing.
I have my own band (in my head). We target the Christian audience because as long as I sang in church, people told me I looked so incredibly happy. They were right. My favorite place to sing. and praise. and worship. even before I knew what these were.

I'm a kid person.
I think my dream job would to be on Blues Clues. Just sayin'. I could do kid tv (in my head).

It's certainly not that I want to be famous. I never did, I hope I never will. It's just that I love to be on stage. Performing. Entertaining. Hopefully (and most importantly) teaching.

My favorite of all time is my Graceland gig every Sunday (not in my head!). I'm thinking it's because I can combine all of my talents (or wanna-be talents!) into one spot.
Blues Clues? check.
Kids? check.
Singing? check.
Scrapbooking? creative outlets, check.
Cooking? well, maybe not that one, but the track record was good up till now, right?
All that and to make a difference at the same time. It's so much more than me.
It's Him.
For Him.
To them.
My own reality show. (:

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